His son financed Petro's campaign with money from drug trafficking

The communist Gustavo Petro, drug trafficking and the applause from which only Vox distanced itself

This Thursday a political earthquake was unleashed in Colombia before the declaration of the son of the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro.

Vox's gesture of dignity and the PP's unworthy applause for the communist Gustavo Petro
The communist Petro defended the terrorism of the M-19 the same day that it was planted by Vox

Nicolás Petro, who is charged for crimes of money laundering and illicit enrichment, has revealed that financed his father's campaign for the presidency with money from drug trafficking and smuggling. The prosecutor has indicated that "part of this money was used by Nicolás Petro and his partner for his personal benefit and another part of these were invested in the presidential campaign."

Today it has been known that the Colombian Prosecutor's Office investigates a plot involving 27 people linked to this illegal financing, among them Gustavo Petro's wife, Verónica Alcocer. The events have caused a great upheaval among the people and the political class of Colombia, but they also have repercussions beyond its borders, specifically in Spain.

Let us remember that three months ago, Gustado Petro visited Spain and delivered a speech before the Congress of Deputies. Before Petro began his speech, Vox party deputies left the chamber while the other parties (including the Popular Party) applauded the Colombian president:

A few days before, on April 28, Vox had criticized the concession to Petro of the Collar of the Order of Isabel la Católica, noting the following: "Petro's closeness to drug trafficking has been evidenced by his proposals to legalize drugs and by his good relationship with the armed organization to which he collaborated with traffickers known worldwide as Pablo Escobar."

The statement by Gustavo Petro's son confirms those links denounced by Vox, and reveals the unworthy applause of other political groups for a communist who, moreover, became president of Colombia thanks to the help of drug trafficking , according to the testimony of his own son. One wonders what the media and journalists who harshly criticized Vox will say now for having the dignity of leaving the camera that day.

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