Scandalous news of The New York Times downplaying that slogan

“Kill the Boer”: the racist cry that is justified by part of the left that calls itself 'anti-racist'

Calling to kill people because of their race is a moral aberration that should not be defended by anyone who considers himself minimally decent.

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Incitements to murder for racist reasons at a communist rally

Regardless of the race that is the object of incitement to hatred, calling to kill a group because of their race should be something that provokes a clear repudiation of the whole society, if we except the racist fanatics who They look favorably on that kind of atrocities. Curiously, there is a racist cry that is not disapproved of by a part of the left that calls itself "anti-racist" and that has spent decades promoting so-called political correctness. That cry exclaims "kill the Boer".

The Boers are the descendants of the white Dutch settlers who settled in South Africa hundreds of years ago. These are people who are largely engaged in agriculture. Last Saturday, at a rally of the communist and racist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party in Johannesburg, deputy Julius Malema sang a chant that included that racist cry, openly calling for killing the Boers .

Malema is accused of wanting to start a "civil war"

John Steenhuisen, leader of the South African liberal Democratic Alliance party, has denounced that "Julius Malema has resurrected the demon of hatred, division and ethnic violence in South Africa. He is determined to ignite the civil war our country narrowly averted in the 1990s" Indeed, after Malema's incendiary racist chant, a white farmer he was killed in the Mpumalanga region.

Crime wave against white farmers in South Africa

This crime is not an isolated case. Theo de Jager, president of the Southern African Agriculture Initiative, has denounced: ""Over the last 20 years, on average, there has been one farm attack every two days and a farm murder every five days. On average, there are 72 farm murders and 185 attacks every year." However, much of the left that calls itself "anti-racist" looks the other way because the victims are whites. But to a part of the left it is not enough to look the other way.

The New York Times downplays that racist slogan

This Wednesday, The New York Times, one of the most influential left-wing outlets in the United States, published a scandalous story about that racist cry stating that "historians and the left-wing politician who embraces it say it should not be taken literally". Would the leftist newspaper say the same thing if any racial minority in a Western country were singled out for clear incitement to murder?

Elon Musk calls for a boycott of The New York Times

This Friday, Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter and born in South Africa, published a message on that social network in which accused The New York Times of "support calls for genocide", encouraging people to boycott that newspaper. In response, Malema called Musk "illiterate". Instead of denouncing the racism of Malema and her party, what the left-wing has done on social media is call Musk a "racist" for criticizing a racist cry. Apparently, the left is not bothered by racism as long as it is directed against the race that it considers "oppressive", a way of seeing society that is purely racist, no matter how much that left presumes otherwise.


Photo: AFP. Julius Malema, Chairman of the far-left EFF party, during a rally on Saturday July 29 in Johannesburg where he launched racist slogans.

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