The government affirms that the vice president traveled as the leader of Sumar

Did Yolanda Díaz use an official Falcon plane on her trip to meet the fugitive Puigdemont?

The communist vice president of the government of Spain, Yolanda Díaz, traveled to Brussels this Monday to meet with the fugitive Carles Puigdemont.

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A ringleader of the 2017 coup who has been fleeing from Spanish Justice for years

Puigdemont, main leader of the separatist coup of October 2017 in Catalonia, has been fleeing from Spanish Justice for years and taking refuge in Belgium. Currently there is a national arrest warrant against him issued by the Supreme Court to try him as accused of crimes of disobedience and embezzlement of public funds, in relation to that separatist coup, whose purpose was to subvert constitutional legality and break national unity, one of the most serious attacks that our Rule of Law has suffered since the coup d'état of February 23, 1981.

Yolanda Díaz boasts of a meeting with purposes that conflict with the Constitution

Yolanda Díaz herself has published photos of the meeting with the fugitive, which took place in a room in the European Parliament. The communist vice president has stated that her objective was to "walk towards a plurinational country", something that does not fit into the Spanish Constitution. The real objective of the meeting is evident: Díaz seeks to capture Puigdemont's support for the re-election of the socialist Pedro Sánchez, since the current president of the acting government needs the support of all the separatist parties to remain in office, after having lost the general elections of July 23.

The government says that Díaz did not travel to Brussels as vice president

The presidency of the government has distanced itself from Díaz's trip to Brussels, stating that she is not traveling as vice president of the government, but as leader of the far-left Sumar coalition, with which Díaz ran in the last general elections.

The trip of an official plane to the Netherlands this morning

The government's version would be called into question by the fact that precisely today an official Dassault Falcon 900 aircraft of the Air Force has flown to the Netherlands, as revealed by Falcon Despega, a website dedicated to monitoring the use of official aircraft of the 45th Air Force Group, the unit of the Air Force that brings together the Falcon 900 and Airbus 310 airplanes used by members of the government on their official trips. The aircraft used was the T.18-2, with radio code AME4584. It took off from Madrid at 9:08 a.m. bound for the Netherlands, landing at 11:02 a.m. at Eindoven Airport, located 17 kilometers from the Belgian border.

According to Falcon Despega. The use of that plane has not been registered, that is, it is not clear what type of trip it has been used for. The plane took off at 4:46 p.m., bound for France.

A scandalous meeting for which the government must explain

It is scandalous that a vice president of the government of Spain meets with a fugitive from Justice, who is taking refuge in another country to avoid being tried for very serious accusations. Even more scandalous is that this vice president go to that meeting to attract the support of that fugitive for Pedro Sánchez , so that she can continue in the government after losing the elections. And what is already the last straw is that, judging by the data we have, that trip was made on an official plane paid for by all taxpayers. The government must give immediate explanations for the use of that official plane and that meeting, disavowing Díaz in a resounding public manner.


Photos: Yolanda Díaz.

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