It will target the province of Jaén, where all its doctors are pro-life

The Spanish Popular Party uses its absolute majority in Andalusia to promote abortion

Andalusia, like Galicia, is an example of what the Spanish Popular Party (PP) can do when it governs with an absolute majority.

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Promoting abortion in a province whose doctors refuse to carry it out

Yesterday, the Europa Press agency noted that the Ministry of Health of the Andalusian government will create a team of "volunteer gynecologists" to perform abortions in Jaén, a province in which all medical personnel are conscientious objectors against that atrocity. The plans of the aforementioned department are to form this group "before the end of this year." The Andalusian Health Councilor, Catalina García, told Europa Press:

"Until now, women have had to go outside of Jaén and now what we want is for this procedure to be done in Úbeda, Linares or Andújar, where we have hospital centers that have the possibility of surgical activity."

The word "surgical" refers to surgery, a word that the Royal Spanish Academy defines like this: "Medical specialty that aims to cure by operating on the affected part of the body." This definition openly clashes with the perverse practice that it wants to promote. the PP of Andalusia in Jaén: could Catalina García explain what cures an abortion? Can the act of killing a human being in their prenatal age be presented as curing a condition?

The PP says in its statutes that it has a commitment "to the right to life"

Article 3 of the current Statutes of the Popular Party, party to which Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla (president of the Junta de Andalucía) belongs, states the following: "The Popular Party wants to distinguish its general performance by a renewed commitment to the right to life." If this were the case, the PP should congratulate the doctors of the province of Jaén for refusing to commit a cruel and perverse act that threatens human life and their Hippocratic oath. Instead, what the PP will do is continue promoting abortion, a practice that Pope Saint John Paul II very accurately described as the "culture of death" in 1995.

Vox accuses Moreno Bonilla of promoting the culture of death

Yesterday, the Vox parliamentary group in the Parliament of Andalusia noted: "The Government of Moreno Bonilla dedicates more efforts and public resources to promoting the culture of death than the culture of life. Instead of supporting and helping pregnant women, the PP launches 'home abortion.'" A criticism that I fully share as a defender of human rights, rights at the basis of which is the right to life, a right from which no one should be excluded due to their age or for the mere fact of not being wanted.

More 17,000 unborn boys and girls are victims of abortion every year in Andalusia

According to the latest official figures corresponding As of 2021, 17,487 abortions are perpetrated annually in Andalusia, that is, 17,487 unborn boys and girls are killed and dismembered in the womb each year in that region. Is this not enough for you, Mr. Moreno Bonilla, and you still want more? Of course, I can think of a few important reasons not to vote for the Popular Party and to vote for Vox, but this is the most important of all. Without the right to life, all other fundamental rights collapse like a house of cards.

With its promotion of abortion, the PP reminds us how determined it is to resemble the left in its adherence to the most infamous ideological dogmas of socialists and communists, including the most cruel, cowardly and vile of those dogmas, which consists of calling "right" the act of killing innocent and defenseless human beings.


Photo: Partido Popular. Alberto Núñez Feijóo, national president of the Popular Party, with Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, president of the Popular Party of Andalusia and the Andalusian regional government.

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