The Galician Health Service reveals what it intends to eliminate unborn children

Galicia: more public resources to finance abortions than to help pregnant women

Something is wrong with a society when it calls the killing of innocent human beings the "right" and, furthermore, gives priority to this macabre practice.

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Almost 1.4 million euros to finance abortions in private abortion centers in three years

The Europa Press agency published a story yesterday stating that the Galician Health Service (SERGAS) will allocate almost 1.4 million euros to finance abortions in private abortion centers in three years. The specific amount is 1,373,910 euros. "If another 915,940 euros are added to this for eventual extensions -for another two years, up to five- and possible modifications for 274,782 euros, the total would rise to 2,564,632 euros", says the aforementioned agency. The news also indicates that the specifications of that Galicia government contract contemplate 350 euros for each pharmacological abortion and 570 euros for each surgical abortion.

According to Europa Press, SERGAS estimates that this tender will cover 805 abortions per year, of which 801 will be surgical abortions and 4 will be medical abortions. According to official data from the Ministry of Health, in 2021, 2,284 induced abortions were perpetrated in Galicia. Of these, 1,348 were surgical abortions by the dilation and aspiration method and 45 were surgical abortions by dilation and evacuation. The rest were pharmacological abortions: 871 with mifepristone and 22 with prostaglandins. It should be noted that the different types of abortions that appear on page 123 of the Ministry of Health document give a total of 2,286 abortions, 2 more than the 2,284 indicated in other parts of the same document.

1.1 million euros a year destined to perpetrate abortions in Galicia

Thus, and according to the prices of each type of abortion indicated by the SERGAS specifications for private abortion centers, if we apply that same amount also to abortions performed in public health (the figures relating to this are not indicated in the Europa Press news), in 2021 the Xunta would have invested 794,010 euros in 1,393 surgical abortions and 312,550 euros in 893 pharmacological abortions. In total, the Xunta would have spent 1,106,560 euros to perpetrate abortions in 2021.

700,000 euros a year to help pregnant mothers in Galicia

Regarding aid to pregnant mothers, it should be noted that according to the Maternity Map 2021 of the Red Madre Foundation, Galicia was the second Spanish community that dedicated the most money to helping pregnant mothers, behind Andalusia. In total, the amount allocated to this aid in 2021 was 700,001 euros in Galicia, 63.25% of the money allocated to perpetrating abortions. Let us add to this, furthermore, that SERGAS finances all abortions, regardless of the economic situation of the mother, while the Xunta only helps pregnant mothers in vulnerable situations.

A situation caused by an infamous law that the PP did not want to repeal

It is appreciated that Galicia is the second community that most helps pregnant mothers, but it is not enough. When we talk about saving innocent human lives, it is unacceptable that more resources are devoted to killing unborn children than helping them to be born, and this within the absurd regulatory framework that considers the former as a "right ". It could be argued that Galicia, as an autonomous community, does not have the possibility of altering the national law on abortion, which is what obliges public administrations to finance abortions. It's true. But it is also true that Galicia is governed by the Popular Party, which did not want to repeal either this abortion law or the previous one when it had absolute majorities to do so, first with Aznar and then with Rajoy.

The PP no longer contemplates repealing that law after Feijóo's pro-abortion turn

Let us also remember that in February of this year Feijóo gave a pro-abortion turn to the PP, calling this infamous law "correct". Along the same lines, the PP program for the last general elections did not contemplate repealing that law, and limited itself to pointing out its possible modification in relation to parental permission for minors to abort, but not in the obligation of the State to finance abortions nor in the fact of considering this crime as a "right".

On the other hand, even with this aberrational law in force, an administration has in its power to use all possible means to promote the culture of life against the culture of death. Excuses are useless when we are talking about the lives of innocent and defenseless human beings, and more in a community like Galicia, which suffers a demographic winter due to lack of children.


Photo: Sergiu Vălenaș.

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