Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz ignore those affected by the heavy rains

Priorities: meeting with Puigdemont but not a tweet about the disaster in Madrid and Toledo

What best portrays a government is what kind of issues it devotes its attention to above others. This is what happened this Monday in Spain.

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Yesterday, the communist vice president Yolanda Díaz was traveling to Brussels to meet with Carles Puigdemont, a fugitive from Justice with an arrest warrant against him issued by the Supreme Court for his participation in the coup separatist of 2017. In the morning, Pedro Sánchez used his Twitter account to self-promote and to criticize Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of the Popular Party, for his decision to seek the investiture as president of the government after having won the July 23 elections.

Meanwhile, in the news programs of the different television channels news multiplied about the damage caused in the provinces of Madrid and Toledo due to the heavy rains that fell on the night of Sunday to Monday, which have overflowed rivers and caused numerous material damages, and that have already left three dead in Toledo.

This Monday, and in response to the serious damage caused by these rains, both the regional government of Madrid such as Castilla-La Mancha they announced that they will ask the government to declare a catastrophic zone. It is worth wondering if they will first have to inform the government about what has happened in their own country, because this Monday Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz have not published a single tweet about the disaster caused by those heavy rains.

That is to say, while they court a criminal who is a fugitive from justice, they neglect the real problems of the Spanish people and simply ignore all those affected, as if they were citizens of another country. In Spain we have a government, made up of socialists and communists, which seems to be only available to offer privileges and concessions to its separatist allies. They don't even bother to hide anymore.


Photo: Europa Press.

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