He revealed this when speaking about the demand for a separatist referendum

Feijóo reveals a trick of the PSOE and the separatists that is also used by the PP

When a politician lacks solid principles and has to denounce that another does not have them either, he runs the risk of being exposed.

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The separatists demand a referendum to support Sánchez's re-election

This Friday, the separatist parties of the Catalan Parliament (ERC, Junts and the CUP) agreed demand a self-determination referendum as a condition to support the investiture of Pedro Sánchez. That referendum would be an openly unconstitutional attempt to separate Catalonia from the rest of Spain. The separatists launch this demand after seeing the docility of the PSOE when it comes to assuming another equally unconstitutional demand: that of amnesty for the authors of the 2017 separatist coup, perpetrated on this day.

Sánchez insists that he will achieve re-election without explaining the price

This new demand of separatism has not even fazed the general secretary of the PSOE. Sánchez insisted yesterday that he will achieve re-election, but without revealing what price and without referring to the demands of the separatists. Demands that the PSOE negotiates with its back to the Spaniards, secretly and exhibiting once again the anti-democratic opacity that Sánchez has displayed throughout his mandate . Sánchez treats the Spanish as mere tax payers to whom he does not owe any explanation. It is a way of governing typical of a despotic and corrupt politician, who puts his personal interests above the Nation.

Feijóo believes that the demand for a referendum is "a bait"

This Saturday, at the La Toja Forum (watch video, point 57:34), Alberto Núñez Feijóo referred to this new demand of the separatists, making a very interesting and very revealing observation:

"In my opinion, self-determination is a bait to not talk about the amnesty. What is on the table here is not the independence referendum. What is on the table is the amnesty, and the referendum is the bait to conclude that we have managed to say "no" to the independence referendum and we have said yes to something more sensible which is the amnesty. The independence movement is in no hurry, because if it achieves everything What he asks for would end the corporate purpose, and consequently first is the amnesty and then will come, logically, the consequence of the same. But we are going to make us dialogue, we are going to make sure that no one gives in so that everyone gives in "The bait is the referendum, I will say no to that, and what I will give you is the amnesty, I will say yes to that."

A trick that the Popular Party has also used

I found this analysis very interesting. Personally, it had not occurred to me to see it like that. But seeing it like that, and thinking a little, it occurred to me that this is not the first time I have seen that bait trick in practice strong>, that is, to launch a very unacceptable approach to public opinion or to the voters of a party that makes other equally unacceptable approaches appear less bad. In fact, what Feijóo has described, without realizing it, is the vote for the lesser evil, a scourge that has been politically degrading the right in Spain for decades and which the PP has used many times.

Let us remember, for example, the time when the PP claimed to defend life, but finally ended up assuming certain exceptions for abortion, in the belief that it would be able to attract more voters by giving up a part of his principles and adopting the role of a lesser evil against the left to retain his right-wing voters. Over the years, the bait has been pulling more and more of those right-wing voters, openly assuming the pro-abortion theses of the PSOE, in a situation in which many have already had enough and decided to change their vote and support Vox.

Feijóo's party has also applied this bait tactic to the national issue. In some regions, the PP has assumed the theses of nationalism to a large extent, something that has happened precisely in Galicia, a community that has been governed by Feijóo for many years. The PP adopted the role of dam against separatism, while assuming some of the separatist theses, such as the exclusion of Spanish from the official toponymy and from a large part of public documents and labels, treating Spanish-speaking Galicians as foreigners in their own land.

What calls to “reunify the center-right” mean

It is normal that Feijóo has known how to recognize this trick when seeing how the PSOE and separatism put it into practice, because he also used it. In fact, with this bait, with this commitment to the lesser evil, the PP has also contributed to degrading our democracy, and it has also done so by doing everything possible to prevent the consolidation of an alternative policy that firmly confronted the theses of the left and separatism. Those messages from the PP in favor of "reunifying the center-right", messages that are now repeated by the media related to that party when they see the possibility of new elections, are an attempt to keep us hostage to the lesser evil, to keep trying to swallow that baitthat the PP, the PSOE and separatism have been using for many years.

Personally, I am grateful to Feijóo for being kind enough to show his rigged deck in an attempt to reveal the traps of others, because it reaffirms in me the idea that the PP is no longer the solution, but rather part of the problem. Vox is the last hope we have left for those of us who are tired of those baits and that lesser evil that have benefited the left and the separatists so much.


Photo: Efe. Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Feijóo in the meeting they held on August 30, 2023.

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