The Russian dictator once again exhibits his affinity for the extreme left

A criminal praising criminals: Vladimir Putin exalts Che Guevara and Fidel Castro

The Russian dictator has once again left to the ground those who associate him with the right and those who see in him a reference for conservatives.

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Moscow tries to extend its influence throughout Latin America

Putin's dictatorship, in a new attempt to extend its influence throughout Latin America (where the Kremlin has the dictatorships of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua as allies), has organized a International Parliamentary Conference "Russia-Latin America", held in Moscow between September 29 and October 2. On the first day of this event, Vladimir Putin gave a speech whose official transcript can be read here in English and whose official video can be seen here, also dubbed in the language of Shakespeare.

Putin praises Che Guevara and Fidel Castro

In that speech, Putin praised Simón Bolívar, who ordered the murder of hundreds of Spanish prisoners of war (including the sick), saying that it is "a symbol of freedom not only for Latin America, but perhaps for the entire world and for all humanity." Furthermore, Putin stated that "the continent gave the world such selfless fighters for justice and social equality as Salvador Allende, Ernesto Che Guevara, and Fidel Castro." Putin's words were received with applause by those in attendance. The dictator responded to that applause with these words:

"I have to say that this applause is appropriate, as they say; it is applause that speaks to the role of those people whom I have just named. I remember my meetings with Fidel Castro, there were several of them. That was a rock, you know? That was a man who thought about people every second, and not only about the Cubans: he thought about all of Latin America, he thought about all the people on planet Earth. And indeed, his entire being was imbued with concern for achieving the common good and justice. He had a unique personality. These are the kind of people Latin America gives birth to."

Two criminals who plunged the Cuban people into oppression

Let us remember that the Che Guevara boasted of dedicating himself to shooting in a speech before the UN in 1964, in reference to the executions he carried out against political prisoners, including children. In turn, Fidel Castro was Cuba's first communist dictator: his regime has tortured and murdered tens of thousands of people since 1959, plunging the Cuban people into misery and oppression.

Putin's connections with the extreme left

This speech by Putin reveals the propaganda that reaches us about this dictator from certain places on the political map. A part of the left has been describing Putin as an extreme rightist, when precisely the extreme left parties are the most pro-Russian in the European Union. An affinity towards Moscow that seems to have not changed since the Cold War, and that is explained in the Kremlin's support for far-left parties in the West (which it has been using to destabilize NATO member countries) and Putin's statements praising communist dictators like Lenin and Stalin, all without forgetting facts as relevant as the arrests of dissidents in Russia for denouncing the crimes of communism.

The paradoxes of the Putinist right

This admiration for the Russian dictator also exists among a certain right that considers Moscow as a "Third Rome" and sees in Putin a reference for Western conservatives, often taking inspiration from the theses of the Russian ideologue Aleksandr Dugin , theorist of Eurasianism, a macaronic political doctrine that mixes elements of communism, fascism and orthodox Christianity, and that has openly called to "organize murders" and "destroy Catholicism", proposing to use the Polish Freemasonry to achieve it.

From that Putinist right, the idea that ideologies have died has been suggested, thus explaining the contradictions that people who consider themselves anti-communists present as a defender of Christian values a dictator who He feels nostalgia for the disappeared USSR and for its worst dictators, criminals who committed all kinds of atrocities against Christians. Once again, it has been Putin himself who has exposed some and others, exhibiting, as the criminal that he is, his admiration for other criminals.


Photo: Reuters.

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