Delirious speech of the Russian dictator omitting the Stalinist crimes

Putin wants Poland to thank the dictator Stalin, who invaded it in 1939

The Russian dictator continues to display his veneration for the communist dictator and genocidal Stalin, and wants the Poles to follow him in it.

The 'liberation' of Poland by the USSR: an overview of the Soviet crimes and looting
The lie of the Russian government to justify the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939

Putin's hoax about Poland and Ukraine

Yesterday, during a telematic meeting with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council, Putin delivered a speech full of lies in which he focused especially on Poland, one of the countries that sends the most military aid to Ukraine. In addition to repeating the lie, already uttered on other occasions by the Kremlin, that Poland wants to occupy part of Ukraine, something flatly rejected by the Polish government, Putin dedicated himself to making a review to Polish history of the last century exhibiting the same contempt for the truth that Russian propaganda exhibits about its invasion of the Ukraine.

Putin wants Poland to show gratitude to Stalin

As usual, in his speech Putin omitted any reference to the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact between the USSR and Nazi Germany and also to the joint invasion of Poland by the Germans and Soviets in September 1939. This is not the first time this has been done in Russia: Putin is assuming the main lines of Soviet propaganda on this issue. After omitting these facts, the Russian dictator made a display of cynicism by pronouncing these words:

"Poland actually lost its independence and statehood, which were only restored thanks in a large measure to the Soviet Union. It was also thanks to the Soviet Union and thanks to Stalin’s position that Poland acquired substantial territory in the west, German territory. It is a fact that Poland’s western lands are a gift from Stalin."

Stalin invaded Poland in 1939 with nazi Germany

Let us remember that during the joint invasion of Poland in 1939, the USSR appropriated the so-called Kresy strip, the western part of Polish territory, an area that had historically been part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. If at the end of the World War II Stalin did not wipe Poland off the map, it was because the Western allies would not have accepted the disappearance of the country, since it was their invasion that brought France and the United Kingdom to war with Germany. What Stalin did by assigning the eastern part of Germany to Poland was to compensate for the theft of the Kresy strip. In fact, the Polish inhabitants of that strip were deported by the Soviets and settled in the new Polish territories won from Germany.

Thus, what happened to Poland at the end of World War II was not a gift from Stalin: it was a botch job by the Soviet dictator for refusing to return the Kresy strip to Poland, a strip that present-day Poland has already renounced, since it has been divided among three countries (Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine).

Stalin installed a puppet communist dictatorship of the USSR in Poland

On the other hand, Putin is lying when he says that Stalin restored Polish independence and the state. This is a particularly cynical lie, if we take into account that after the World War II, Stalin imposed a communist dictatorship in Poland, taking away from the Poles the democratic state they had before the war, and also turning it into a satellite country of the USSR. Let us remember that the Soviets installed nuclear weapons on Polish soil without informing the Poles, even without informing the communist regime installed by the Soviets in the country. Stalin treated Poland as if it were one more territory of the USSR.

Putin omits all reference to Stalin's crimes

Finally, yesterday Putin omitted any reference to the crimes committed by Stalin in Poland, crimes among which the massacre of 22,000 Polish prisoners in Katyn (a fact that Soviet propaganda denied for decades and whose investigation has been hampered by the Putin regime), the mass rape of 100,000 Polish girls and women by the Red Army, the deportation of 1.2 million Poles to Siberia during the first Soviet occupation of the country (1939-1941, during which 150,000 Poles died), the deportation of 300,000 Poles to the Soviet Gulag after the war, as well as the violation of religious freedom and other human rights in the dictatorship imposed by the Soviets in Poland, in addition to the plundering of the country by the Red Army.

A portrait of the kind of madman who rules Russia

It is a grave insult to Poland that Putin wants Poles to thank a criminal like Stalin for doing such things. That statement by Putin portrays him as mentally disturbed, a psychopath and a fanatic, the same personal profile that led him to invade Georgia and Ukraine, and with which he now intends to take the poorest countries hostage using hunger as a weapon of war, as denounced by Giorgia Meloni. It is normal for communists to feel close to someone like that, but it is incomprehensible that there are people in the West who call themselves Christians and who feel admiration for this criminal, for a tyrant who lies to justify his atrocities and now also to hide and justify Stalin's crimes .


Photo: Europa Press.

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