During the event, the national anthems of Israel and Spain were played

The demonstration in support of Israel and against Hamas terrorism held in Madrid

There are many of us Spaniards who have felt dismayed at the terrorist attack by Hamas against the people of Israel.

Javier Ortega Smith's resounding statement expressing Vox's support for the people of Israel
The links of Yolanda Díaz's party with a terrorist group that supports Hamas

This rejection of terrorism is united with our indignation at the attitude of the communist half of the Spanish government, which justifies the terrorists and repeats the lies of Hamas propaganda. There are also many of us Spaniards who reject the displays of anti-Semitism and the acts of support for Palestinian terrorism that we have seen these days in Madrid and Barcelona, acts supported by Islamic fundamentalists and by extreme left fanatics who exhibit their lack of humanity in the face of murdered civilians, raped women and kidnapped Israeli citizensby Hamas.

This Tuesday there was a rally in Madrid in support of Israel, held in front of the Israeli Embassy in Spain. The rally was called by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain and by other Spanish Jewish associations, and it was attended by hundreds of people, including representatives of the Israeli Embassy, the Popular Party and Vox. During the rally, the beautiful National Anthem of Israel, "Hatikva" (Hope), was sung and the chords of the National Anthem of Spain were also played, followed by shouts of honor to Spain and the King. The protesters also shouted "Yolanda resign", referring to the communist vice president of the government and their miserable attitude in the face of the Hamas terrorist attack.

This video is a summary of the concentration, with videos published by ACOM and by Israel in Spain. At the end you can listen to the statements made during the event by José María Figaredo, national deputy of Vox, and by Carlos Díaz-Pache, regional deputy of the Popular Party.

The photos you see in this entry have been published by the Jewish Community of Madrid , by ACOM and by Israel in Spain.

In addition to José María Figaredo, there was also Rocío Monasterio, president of Vox Madrid and regional deputy of that party.

On behalf of the Popular Party also attended by the national deputy Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the MEP Esteban González Pons and the regional deputy Daniel Portero, among other leaders and representatives.

Among the audience were also Luis del Pino, Mikel Buesa, Nicolás Redondo Terreros, Fernando Múgica, Rubén Múgica, José Álvarez and José Barrionuevo, as noted by ACOM.

There are many of us Spaniards who have not been able to attend this event, because we live far from Madrid or - in some cases - because they did not find out about the call in time, but we have been there with our hearts, just as we are with the people of Israelin these moments of pain.

My hug to all the victims of Hamas and their families, and may these crimes never be forgotten.

Am Israel Jai!
The People of Israel live!

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