The government denied them asylum even though they are in grave danger

Sánchez deports persecuted Christians to communist China while distributing illegal immigrants throughout Spain

The ideological sectarianism of the coalition government formed by socialists and communists has once again been evident in recent days.

The illegal police stations of communist China in Spain and the silence of Sánchez
The massive transfer of illegal immigrants on anti-terrorist alert 4: a real madness

Persecuted Christians are being deported from Madrid Airport

On November 2, the Chinese dissident journalist residing in Spain Yuan Lee, very known for his interventions on Iker Jiménez's television program, reported: "Under persecution by the Chinese communist government for many years, several Christians from the Church of Almighty God have been traveling to South Korea South, Japan and South America in search of a place to live but finally they have not been able to find it and have been forced to come to Spain one after another since the first half of October 2023 to request religious asylum."

Lee adds: "However, the Asylum and Refugee Office did not recognize their refugee status and has returned them in batches since the 23rd, and some of them have even been returned to force to China so they run the risk of being detained by the Chinese communist police and even persecuted to death. So far, 12 Christians who arrived in Spain from Brazil to request asylum have been returned to China, where they are currently without contact."

That day, Yuan Lee added: "There are now nine Christians stranded at the Madrid airport, among them four Christians who came from Brazil who are in imminent danger of being deported to China,all they with photographic credentials and whom the Chinese communist government intends to repatriate."

One of the deportees asked to be sent to another country: they denied it

Lee points out that one of these Christians, "fearing being deported to China, expressed several times to the Spanish police his firm will not to return to China during the interview to request asylum and said that he They suggested sending him to a country where China was visa-free and he could be accepted anywhere but China and could buy a ticket at his own expense, but the police rejected his wish to do so in order to leave, and on 1 November they informed him that he would be sent to Beijing."

The Chinese journalist explains what happened to that Christian at the time of his deportation: "When the Spanish police were taking him back to his country, he fainted and foamed at the mouth from fear. Paramedical staff arrived late and concluded that their reaction was fake. At the moment, we cannot reveal the identity of the asylum seekers for fear that the Chinese Communist Party will obtain their data. Meanwhile, We hope to help Christians who continue to request asylum at the Barajas airport avoid deportation to China."

Deported Christians are threatened with death if they return to China

This Friday morning from Madrid Airport, Yuan Lee reported: "After the Spanish immigration authorities have denied political asylum to the 9 persecuted Christians of Chinese origin, they will be expelled approximately within an hour, without taking into account the danger that this expulsion represents. The priorities of immigration policies are totally twisted. Really." On Friday night, Lee commented: "The airport, for most of us, means going or returning, for them, it means living or dying."

Finally, this Saturday Yuan Lee commented on what happened to a Christian woman when she was going to be deported: "They were forced onto the plane, among them a Chinese Christian woman tried to commit suicide, she cut her wrist, She bled and stayed in Barajas for the moment. Suicide saved her... She prefers to die in Spain than be extradited to China."

Communist China and its persecution of Christians

In January 2023, the Christian NGO Open Doors noted that Communist China ranks 16th among the countries that most persecute Christians. The NGO denounced that the Chinese communist dictatorship "is forging a global alliance of nations that seek to redefine human rights, distancing them from civil rights and religious freedoms. The dissident voices, Like those of Christians, they are persecuted as «troublemakers» or even «terrorists»."

Sánchez's government distributes thousands of illegal immigrants throughout Spain

This deportation of persecuted Christians, after being unjustly denied political asylum, comes while the Sánchez government distributes thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa throughout Spain, a fact that has generated great controversy due to the lack of information from the government to the autonomous communities and city councils to which these immigrants have been transferred. And all this while Spain is on anti-terrorist alert 4.

The silence of the government in the face of illegal Chinese police stations in Spain

Likewise, in 2022 the NGO Safeguard Defenders denounced that in Spain there are 9 illegal police stations of communist China: three in Madrid, three in Barcelona, two in Valencia and one Santiago of Compostela. Spain is the country with the most illegal police stations in communist China, centers that are used to coerce Chinese citizens and force them to return to their country. Among others, those police stations are being used to persecute Chinese political dissidents abroad.

More than a year has passed since the complaint made by that NGO and the Sánchez government has not taken any measure against those police stations. It just so happens, as I already noted here in January 2021, that the PSOE (Sanchez's party) and its communist partners maintain cordial relations with the Chinese Communist Party, the sole party of that dictatorship.


Photo: La Moncloa. Meeting between the president of the government of Spain, the socialist Pedro Sánchez, and the dictator of the People's Republic of China, the communist Xi Jinping, on March 31, 2023 during an official trip by Sánchez to communist China.

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