Their respective media outlets denounce arbitrary arrests against them

Three journalists arrested in the wave of protests against the socialist coup in Spain

Arbitrary arrests of journalists for covering protests against the government are typical of dictatorships. Spain is beginning to look like it.

Protests against the socialist coup continue in Spain for the 18th consecutive day
Spain: the list of the institutions that reject the socialist attack against the rule of law

Last week two journalists from El Mundo and El Español were arrested

Last Wednesday, two journalists were arrested while covering the protest in Madrid. The detainees work for the newspapers El Mundo and El Español. These media have accused the government of illegal detention and false denunciation, since the journalists were detained while doing their job and at no time did they commit the acts of which they have been accused, in the middle of seriously irregular police action.

This Monday, journalist Vito Quiles, from EDA TV, was arrested

Those two journalists had to spend the night in a cell due to police abuse, and this Monday the same thing happened again and also in Madrid. Journalist Vito Quiles, from EDA TV, was arrested last night while covering that protest. He is already the third journalist arrested in this wave of demonstrations. On this occasion there is a video of what happened, which shows the Police making a selective arrest of all the protesters who gathered on the sidewalk behind the police cordon.

From EDA TV they point out that "he was doing his job when the police decided to take him into custody thus restricting his right to inform and preventing him from having freedom of expression in a democratic country". This medium points out that " they have decided to take him away for no reason and knowing that he was a journalist because he has said so repeatedly". Some serious events are taking place, we must not forget, after the government's promise to amnesty serious crimes, including terrorism crimes, committed by separatists, which is the cause of these protests.

Sánchez illegally suspended freedom of movement in 2020 and said he would do it again

Let us remember that freedom of movement is a fundamental right protected by Article 19 of the Constitution. It also happens that, as stated by the Constitutional Court, that right was already illegally suspended in 2020 by the Sánchez government, which has never He has apologized for this serious violation of our constitutional rights. What's more: Sánchez He said he would do it again. In view of what happened yesterday in Madrid, it is clear that he has fulfilled his threat.

A government that detains journalists and gives amnesty to terrorists

What is happening in Spain is something extremely serious. A government that detains journalists for doing their job while leaving terrorists unpunished is a government typical of a dictatorship, a State model that has traditionally been defended by communism, a totalitarian ideology that has several representatives in the new Sánchez government. We must not only fear for judicial independence, equality before the law and national unity, but also for freedom of expression and information, which are being threatened with these arrests by the same who want to leave unpunished those convicted of serious crimes committed in relation to the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia.

Vito Quiles has a degree in journalism, Ignacio Escolar does not.

I would like to take this opportunity to comment that, the pro-government pamphlet directed by Ignacio Escolar, has given the news of the arrest, calling Quiles an "ultra agitator" and stating that "police sources" accuse him of "disobedience and attack on authority". Another false accusation, as demonstrated by the video of his arrest. In addition, Quiles has a university degree in journalism. Escolar it is not. So, if we have to put qualifiers, let's say that Quiles is a journalist and Escolar is an ultra agitator.

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