“In Spain the people of Israel have an ally in Vox and in millions of Spaniards”

The photos of Abascal in Israel, repairing the image of Spain damaged by Sánchez

In recent weeks, Spain's image has been damaged in the world by the hostile attitude of Pedro Sánchez's government against Israel.

Hamas shows its gratitude to Sánchez: Israel was right when it accused his government
The infamous text supported by the Sánchez government with the Hamas allies at the UN

The shame of seeing the Spanish government aligned with Hamas allies

This hostile attitude has caused the worst diplomatic conflict ever experienced between Israel and a European Union country, with the withdrawal of the Israeli ambassador in Spain due to Sánchez's false accusations against Israel. A hostile attitude that the Hamas terrorists have thanked Sánchez, and that has left scenes as embarrassing as that of Spain voting for an infamous text in the UN together with the allies of Hamas (Iran, Russia, Qatar, Syria and Turkey), a text that did not condemn the terrorist attack by Hamas against Israel on October 7 (the worst massacre suffered by the people Jewish since the Holocaust) and that omitted any reference to the more than 200 kidnapped by Hamas.

The support of Santiago Abascal and Vox for Israel

Unlike Sánchez's attitude, Santiago Abascal, president of Vox - the third most voted party in Spain - has been expressing his clear support for Israel since the Hamas attack, a support that is consistent with Vox's profound rejection of all types of terrorism and with the democratic character of that party: let us remember that Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East.

Abascal visits a kibbutz attacked by Hamas terrorists

This support from Vox for Israel has been reflected in the last few hours in a visit by Abascal to that country, where he visited Kibbutz Nir Oz, attacked by Hamas terrorists on October 7. This agricultural commune had about 400 residents before that attack: 180 of them were killed or kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. The survivors were transferred to Eilat, leaving the kibbutz abandoned and in ruins, with the traces of the terrible terrorist attack clearly visible.

Like other political leaders who are visiting the sites attacked by Hamas, Abascal has made this visit wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a Kevlar helmet, as precautionary measures against possible terrorist attacks. Let us keep in mind that since October 7, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have fired 11,446 rockets against Israel, in an attempt to indiscriminately murder Israeli civilians and sow terror among them.

Vox expresses its support to Israel in the fight against Hamas terrorism

Vox has indicated that during his visit to Israel, Abascal has transferred "VOX's support for the government of Benjamin Netanyahu in its fight against the Islamist terrorism of Hamas", and added: "During the trip he met with two ministers of the Israeli government and strengthened close relations between VOX and Likud", the conservative party chaired by the current Israeli prime minister.

After his visit to Israel, Abascal wrote a message on Twitter pointing out what following:

"I have seen the horror perpetrated by Islamist terrorism against innocents in Israelat Kibbutz Nir Oz.

The illegal government of the PSOE and Sánchez must apologize to the victims and the Israeli people for questioning the legitimate response of a democratic State against the murderers who kill, torture and behead civilians in their homes; they rape and kidnap women; they kidnap children and the elderly; and that they use their own civilian population as human shields.

Totally end Hamas, which embodies absolute evil, is a moral imperative. The government of Israel has our full support, affection and understanding."

Abascal has met with two ministers of Netanyahu's government

In Israel, the president of Vox has met with two ministers from Netanyahu's government. One of them is the Minister of the Diaspora and against Anti-Semitism, Amijai Chikli, a member of the Likud, who we see in the following photo with Abascal.

Abascal has also met with the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and member of the War Cabinet, Avi Dicter, also a member of the Likud, who we see in the following photo shaking hands with the Vox leader. The smiling faces are far from the images we saw during Sanchez's visit to Israel.

Abascal has thanked these two ministers "for their time in such difficult moments, and their appreciation for Spain and the Spanish people. All of this despite the Sánchez government, which obtains the congratulations of the terrorists and rapists of Hamas, and that embarrasses any defender of Western civilization. But in Spain the people of Israel have an ally in VOX and in millions of Spaniards". Millions of Spaniards among which I count myself.

Abascal was accompanied by Hermann Tertsch and Jorge Martín Frías

Abascal has made this visit to Israel accompanied by Vox MEP Hermann Tertsch (whom we see below during the visit to the aforementioned kibbutz) and by Jorge Martín Frías, director of the Disenso Foundation, an entity that on October 9, two days after the Hamas attack on Israel, published a text on its website in which it stated: "The 1988 Hamas Charter calls on Islam to “erase” Israel. After Saturday's cruel attack, the time has come for Israel to reverse the situation and annihilate Hamas."

Tertsch wrote these words after his visit to Kibbutz Nir Oz:

"The monstrous cruelty of the Hamas terrorists towards their kibbutz victims and the atrocious hatred of the Palestinian population who came en masse after the murderers to loot the houses above the corpses, have killed and destroyed that orchard in the desert, but they have broken something very deep: the hope of compatibility. There is none. Gaza will never again be the Gaza that existed."

On his visit to Kibbutz Nir Oz, Abascal was accompanied by Captain Roni Kaplan, an Israeli born in Uruguay and spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces for the Spanish-speaking media. Here we see him to the right of the Vox leader.

Abascal is the only leader of the Spanish opposition who has visited Israel after the Hamas attack, a visit that has not yet been made by the president of the Popular Party (PP), Alberto Núñez Feijóo, which was the party most voted in the July general elections.

A visit that helps repair the damage done by Sánchez to the image of Spain

This visit not only serves to strengthen Vox's ties with Israel, at a time when that country needs all the support of the free world in its fight against the barbarity of Hamas, without It also helps repair the image of Spain damaged by Pedro Sánchez's attitude in this war, an attitude with which the socialist leader and several of his ministers have portrayed themselves as the most anti-Semitic government in Europe.

As a Vox voter and as a friend of Israel, I sincerely thank Santiago Abascal for this visit and the support he has shown to the Israeli people in these moments of great difficulty. The Jewish people have lived through very difficult times throughout history and have learned to remember those who came to their aid when they needed it and those who turned their backs on them. Thanks to this visit, Israel already knows first-hand that millions of Spaniards are at its side, whatever the infamous president of the government we have says.


Photo source: Santiago Abascal / Vox / Hermann Tertsch.

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