The Popular Party betrays a commitment it made a year ago

Vox is left alone asking to increase the penalties for rapists: the PP aligns itself with the left

A politician is worth what his word is worth, and today it can be said that the value of the Popular Party's word is practically zero.

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PP vs Vox: the difference between repealing 'Sanchism' and repealing socialism in Spain

A year ago, at the beginning of December 2022, the Popular Party promised to repeal 10 socialist laws if it came to govern. One of those laws was the "only yes means yes", promoted by the far-left Podemos party, government partner of the Socialists in the last legislature, which has served to lower the sentences to hundreds of sexual offenders, generating great controversy.

In order to repair the damage done by that law, Vox presented a bill to toughen the penalties for sexual offenders, in order to restore the penalties provided before the approval of the "only yes means yes" law. The parliamentary dossier of this Vox initiative can be seen here. The bill was voted yesterday in the plenary session of Congress.

The result of the vote was as follows: 33 votes in favor (those of Vox), 316 votes against and one abstention (that of Alberto Catalán Higueras, from Unión del Pueblo Navarro), so The initiative was rejected. You can see here what each deputy voted. As can be seen in the document, the 137 deputies of the Popular Party voted alongside the left and the extreme left, rejecting the Vox initiative.

Ironically, today the Popular Party website shows the number of 1,233 sexual offenders benefiting from that law, the same law that yesterday refused to repeal. "After the numerous reductions in sentences, no one has assumed responsibilities", affirms the PP. Well: as of this Tuesday, the PP becomes complicit in these reduced penalties, having voted together with the promoters of that law to maintain it and not toughen the penalties. It is one more betrayal by the PP of its commitments, one more in a long list of non-compliance. The question to ask now is: how many more betrayals like this have to happen for Popular Party voters to open their eyes?


Photo: Efe. Pedro Sánchez with Alberto Núñez Feijóo in the Senate, in June 2022.

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