The PSOE wants to sanction a school for a talk by Jaime Mayor Oreja

The dictatorship of socialism in Spain: you can praise terrorists but not criticize abortion

The left, and specifically the socialists, are pushing Spain into a situation typical of a socialist dictatorship like Venezuela.

After fining people for praying, Sánchez and his partners will legalize the glorification of terrorism
The Sánchez gov't prohibits a group of Catholics from exercising their right to pray in the street

They believe that the apology for terrorism is 'freedom of speech'...

We had an example of this just yesterday. After fining people for praying in the street, Sánchez and his partners want to legalize the apology of terrorism, one more favor to their allies, the sympathizers of ETA, to those that Sánchez wants gift the Pamplona City Council.

As we saw yesterday, the socialists (PSOE) and communists (Sumar) who form the government chaired by Pedro Sánchez consider that praising terrorism, insulting Spain and insulting the Armed Forces is "freedom of speech", but things change if it comes to disagreeing with the aberrant ideological theses of the left.

... and they ask to punish a school for some opinions of Mayor Oreja

Yesterday, the same day that the PSOE announced its support for the legalization of the apology of terrorism, the socialist newspaper El País announced that the PSOE demands sanctioning a school organized for a talk by Jaime Mayor Oreja in which the former minister denounced crimes such as abortion and euthanasia and criticized socialists, communists and separatists.

Unlike the types of criminal offenses that typify the apology of terrorism, what the PSOE intends is an attack on freedom of expression, because what the minister did is not to praise some murderers, nor insult Spain or its Armed Forces, say issue totally legitimate opinions, but which the socialists do not admit because they contradict their ideological dogmas. This is how a dictatorship begins.

The PSOE, a party that wants to impose its ideology in schools

We must remember that the PSOE has been creating all kinds of laws for years to impose its ideology in schools, laws that attack fundamental rights protected by the Constitution such as freedom of education, ideological freedom and religious freedom. The PSOE must have believed that it is the absolute owner of education in Spain, as if we were in Cuba, Nicaragua or Venezuela and everything said in schools had to be subject to strict control control of the socialists. That's what happens in a dictatorship.

I repeat what I already said yesterday: the PSOE has never been a democratic party, and it is urgent that many Spaniards open their eyes to that fact. We have in the government true haters of freedom, people who believe they have the right to impose their ideas on all the people, disregarding our rights. Any pact with these enemies of freedom implies becoming their accomplice.


Photo: Europa Press. Jaime Mayor Oreja, former Minister of the Interior.

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