The ANC received a Hamas delegation at its headquarters on December 5

The scandalous links between South Africa's ruling party and Hamas terrorists

Hamas terrorists have been receiving support from various governments for years. One of those governments is that of South Africa.

Hundreds of jurists from 22 nations accuse Hamas of crimes of genocide against Israel
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ANC, a leftist party that has been in power in South Africa for 30 years

South Africa has been governed by the same party since 1994, now 30 years: the African National Congress (ANC), a leftist formation that is part of the Socialist International and that governs the country in a parliamentary alliance with the South African Communist Party (SACP) and the COSATU union. The ANC's own ideology and its alliance with the communists have been determining South Africa's international policy for three decades, leading that country to have very good relations with Putin's Russia and communist China.

ANC government accuses Israel of 'genocide' without providing a single piece of evidence

The latest occurrence of the South African ANC government has been to present a complaint for "genocide" against Israel before the International Criminal Court (ICC), a complaint that lacks any basis and on which the government of South Africa has not provided any evidence, which turns this complaint into a mere act of political propaganda.

The friendly reception of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to the Sudanese leader Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, accused of crimes of genocide, a week ago (Photo: Reuters).

A week ago the South African president received a friend accused of genocide crimes

The leftist government of South Africa's accusation against Israel is not only false, but also exhibits scandalous inconsistency. Without going any further, a week ago the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa, received friendly Pretoria to Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, one of the ringleaders of the coup d'état that took over Sudan in 2019. Dagalo has been charged before the ICC for crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, due to the wave of murders, rapes and torture committed by his regime.

The South African government refused to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine

On the other hand, on March 2, 2022, the government of South Africa refused to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine during a vote at the UN, aligning itself with the other 34 countries that chose to abstain. In October 2022, South Africa refused to condemn the illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories by Russia, joining the countries that chose to abstain on the matter at the UN. The South African government has continued to maintain relations with Russia, has welcomed Russian warships into its ports and even has supplied arms to Russia, all while Putin's army is dedicated to systematically attacking the Ukrainian civilian population.

Nor has it condemned the uighur genocide by the communist dictatorship of China

Likewise, the South African government has prioritized its good relations with communist China above any consideration of the serious human rights violations committed by that dictatorship. The South African government has not wanted to join the complaints about the Uyghur genocide by communist China. As it has done with Russia, South Africa has welcomed Chinese warships into its ports and even has participated in joint naval exercises with China and Russia.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshal during his visit to the ANC headquarters in 2015 (Photo: African National Congress).

The friendly meetings between the ANC and Hamas terrorists

As with other leftist governments, the ANC has not been shy about also displaying its good relations with the Hamas terrorists. In October 2015, the ANC received one of the Hamas leaders, Khaled Meshal, in South Africa, treating him as an important foreign leader, in a meeting that received harsh criticism from both the South African opposition and other governments.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshal in his meeting with ANC leaders in South Africa in October 2015 (Photo: African National Congress).

On October 27, 2023, 20 days after the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel, South Africa was one of the countries that supported an infamous text at the UN that not It expressly condemned this terrorist attack and omitted any reference to the Israelis kidnapped by Hamas. Canada proposed an amendment that "unequivocally rejects and condemns the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas", an amendment that was rejected to applause from representatives of several countries. Even after that terrorist attack, on December 5, the ANC received a delegation from Hamas, in an event aimed at displaying the support of that leftist party for the Palestinian cause.

The ANC received a Hamas delegation at its headquarters on December 5, 2023, following the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel (Photo: African National Congress).

The Israeli government accuses the South African government of supporting Hamas

This Friday, the government of Israel has accused the South African government of supporting the terrorist organization Hamas, "which calls for the elimination of the State of Israel". Israel's foreign minister has criticized members of the international community who apply double standards in matters concerning Israel following the conclusion of Israel's defense against South Africa's genocide accusations before the ICC.

Additionally, the Israeli government has accused the South African government of violating the Genocide Convention with its support for Hamas, terrorist organization that hundreds of jurists have accused of crimes of genocide. Significantly, the South African government has not joined this accusation despite Hamas statements calling for the extermination of all Jews in Israel.

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