Le Pen has voted in favor of introducing abortion into the French Constitution

France: the definitive betrayal of Marine Le Pen and her party to the defense of life

This Tuesday, January 30, France took a historic step in relation to the protection of human rights. A step forward towards barbarism.

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They introduce a crime into the Constitution calling it "freedom"

That day will go down in history as the moment in which the French National Assembly introduced the murder of innocents into the Constitution, disguising it as "freedom", specifically "freedom to resort to voluntary interruption of pregnancy", according to the Assembly website. A crude euphemism to disguise the murder of unborn children in the womb. Because ending the life of an innocent or defenseless human being knowing that they are so (their humanity is amply demonstrated by the science) it is a crime, not a "voluntary interruption", no matter how much they insist.

To the greater shame of the French legislators, this infamy was approved with 493 votes in favor and only 30 against. A fact that demonstrates to what extent a democracy can be corrupted if it lacks moral values that support the defense of human rights.

No political party voted as a block against that atrocity

In case anyone wants to know this detail, here you can check what the deputies of each party voted. Reviewing the list you can see that no party voted en bloc against this atrocity. There were only deputies who voted against in three parties: Rassemblement National (led by Marine Le Pen), Les Républicains (French partner of the European People's Party) and the group of < strong>Libertés, Indépendants, Outre-mer et Territoires.

Le Pen and the vast majority of her deputies voted in favor

This vote has exposed a paradox. Many media outlets claim that Rassemblement National is a conservative or even "far-right" party, perhaps because they ignore details like the ones I have been pointing out here for years. Marine Le Pen renounced repealing abortion in France in 2011, receiving applause from socialist newspapers such as El País. In 2022, Le Pen proposed agreeing to introduce abortion into the Constitution. Demonstrating in this important matter the same intellectual laziness and the same moral lukewarmness as the European People's Party, in October 2023 Le Pen said that this project to introduce abortion into the Constitution was "useless".

Finally, this Tuesday Le Pen's party gave its deputies freedom to vote on this issue. Finally, 46 Rassemblement deputies National, including Marine Le Pen, voted in favor of the pro-abortion initiative, only 12 voted against and 14 abstained.

Le Pen's party follows in the footsteps of the Popular Party of Spain

Seeing the results of that vote, it is clear that in the National Assembly of France there is no longer any conservative or pro-life party. As I already pointed out here in 2017, if I were a French citizen and had to choose between Le Pen and Macron, I would vote blank. I refuse to let my vote go to politicians who support the crime of abortion, even if they wrap themselves in the flag of patriotism as Le Pen does.

The paradox of all this is that both the media and her political rivals will continue to say that Le Pen is "far-right". His support for the most aberrant and bloody ideological thesis of the left will not help him to be better treated by his political and media rivals. The only thing she has managed to do is portray herself as an incoherent Catholic , who supports in institutions things as unjust, cruel, inhuman and anti-Christian as abortion. In the end, what Marine Le Pen is doing in France is something similar to what the Popular Party is doing in Spain: gaining conservative votes to shield leftist ideological theses in public life. A full-fledged political scam.


Photo: Marine Le Pen.

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