Its disappearance would be a great setback for ideological pluralism in Spain

They not only attack Vox: they want to leave millions of Spaniards without a voice in the institutions

Media related to the Popular Party have been launching attacks against Vox for months, attacks that are taking on increasingly low-profile forms.

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The media attacks against Vox: from racism to lies

Yesterday we saw the degree of vileness that these media can reach, with a racist allusion launched by Federico Jiménez Losantos against Ignacio Garriga, general secretary of Vox. Other media are a little more subtle. Today Juan Soto Ivars proposes to Vox not to run for more elections, accusing that party of being Sánchez's "maximum ally" while affirming that the separatists of ERC and the PNV are the "enemies" of the socialist leader. Vox voted against Sánchez's re-election and ERC and the PNV supported it, but certain journalists live in a parallel reality in which the facts no longer matter.

I am not a fortune teller, but I think it is not necessary to be to predict that this type of attacks against Vox will continue from the media related to the Popular Party. The main purpose of these attacks is to deactivate Vox, to leave it out of the democratic game, because it hinders the PP from having a party to its right.

The existence of Vox spoils the great deception of the PP

The mere existence of Vox ruins the lie that the PP is a real opposition to the left, since it has been assuming one after another the worst leftist dogmas, including aberrations such as abortion > and colossal nonsense such as gender ideology, without forgetting issues such as the promotion of massive and illegal immigration (and the serious effects it has on security) and the strong>climate catastrophism, which is ruining our farmers and ranchers and threatens to turn private cars into a privilege for the richest.

In Galicia the PP has even largely assumed nationalist theses and has had no qualms about support controversial ideological initiatives of the BNG separatists, support silenced by the same media related to the PP that attack Vox.

Vox is the only party that does not allow itself to be dragged into the fold of the left

For years, the left and its related media have made great efforts to bring the PP into its ideological fold. If that left is rabid against Vox, it is because it refuses to be dragged into that fold. Vox is the discordant note that spoils a shameless attempt to subject us to a single thought, a thought that aims to close all debate that makes it uncomfortable and that aspires to impose absolutely debatable ideological dogmas on all of us.

If Vox appeared it was not on a whim: it was because the PP submitted to the dogmas of the left, defrauding millions of voters who had supported that party so that there would be a change. A change that did not come, since the government of Rajoy, of the PP, left the socialist ideological laws intact, demonstrating that the PP is increasingly similar to the Socialist Party with regard to its ideas.

Without Vox, millions of Spaniards would be left without a voice in the institutions

If today they managed to liquidate Vox, the effect that its disappearance would have is that millions of Spaniards would be left without a voice in the institutions, including many who vote for the PP believing that it is the "lesser evil" or simply fear of the left. Those of us who oppose abortion, gender ideology, illegal immigration, linguistic nationalism and the climate catastrophe, just to name a few issues in which the PP is already indistinguishable from the left, < strong> we would no longer have anyone to defend our ideas and principles in Congress, in the Senate and in the regional parliaments.

If Vox disappeared, as the PP and its related media intend, its absence would have a serious effect on our own democracy: it would be a great setback for ideological pluralism in Spain, reduced to a mere game of small nuances about the dogmas of the left, nuances that would be increasingly smaller, since we have a very dogmatic left and very intolerant of discrepancy, and that would feel emboldened by the success of silencing the only discordant voice on the political map. That is what some feed with their attacks on Vox. Fortunately, Vox has no intention of giving in to these pressures, as it has made clear repeatedly.


Photo: Kristina Flour.

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