Terrorists attacked a Catholic chapel and a mosque on the same day

Jihadist terrorism massacres Christians and Muslims on the same day in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is one of the African countries that has been experiencing the scourge of jihadist terrorism for years, specifically Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

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Yesterday, through a statement, Jean-Pierre Sawadogo, vicar general of The Dori Catholic diocese reported the murder of 15 Catholics by terrorists in Essakane, in the north of the country.

Laurent Dabiré, bishop of Dori, informed Fides Agency that "the attack took place around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, February 25. The jihadists broke into the chapel where the funeral was being held. Sunday prayer under the direction of a catechist.Since 2018, in fact, most of the community of faithful has been forced to flee due to the violence of jihadist groups. There are only a few people left who, "Lack of a permanent priest, they meet on Sundays for a common prayer led by a catechist."

The bishop of Dori added: "The jihadists have shot the men, sparing the lives of the women; 12 have died instantly and three in the local health center as a result of their wounds. Two others have been injured."

Fides Agency also points out the following: "On the same Sunday, February 25, according to the AFP agency, dozens of Muslim faithful died in an attack against a mosque in Natiaboani, in eastern Burkina Faso."In this case the terrorist attack took place around 5:00 in the morning. According to AFP, the victims are all Muslims, mostly men who had gathered at the mosque.

It should be noted that jihadist terrorism from Al-Qaeda and ISIS has been launching attacks in Burkina Faso since 2015, attacks that have been suffered by both Christians and Muslims. Although some may find this fact strange, an attack on a mosque is not something new or strange by jihadist terrorism. In Islam there are different currents and jihadist terrorists usually attack those branches of Islam that are not related to their theses. With this I am not saying anything new from these pages. In 2016 I already pointed out here that the victims jihadism are largely Muslimswho reside in Muslim-majority countries, and that is why it is not fair to single out the generality of Muslims as suspected terrorists.

The striking thing about this jihadism is that in this case, the motto of "black lives matter" seems to take a back seat for many media outlets, since they rarely report on these terrorist attacks when They occur in Africa, especially when the victims are Christians. Jihadist terrorism is an increasingly serious problem in Africa and we must not ignore it. It is a serious problem that affects both Christians and Muslims. The Islamic community should be the most interested in preventing sympathy for these criminals from spreading among its followers, because in the end it will also be the Muslims themselves who suffer their crimes.


Photo: AFP/M. Abdiwahab. File image of terrorists from Al-Shabaab, a criminal group linked to Al Qaeda, in Somalia, one of the African countries that suffers from this scourge.

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