Russian propaganda seeks to weaken the West to favor Putin's plans

Serving the interests of the enemies of the West is also a betrayal against Spain

Lately we are getting used to hearing certain speeches as if they were something normal and respectable, when they are not.

Russia's support for separatism in Spain and the support of Spanish separatists for Russia
The squid tactic of Spanish Putinism in the face of Russian support for Catalan separatism

Slogans so that we forget that Russia is the cause of this war

In these speeches you can hear infamies such as claiming that we Europeans or Westerners are to blame for the misfortunes of Ukraine, for the mere fact that we have responded with military aid to the desperate calls of the Ukrainians to the international community when they have seen their country invaded by Russia, an invasion against which Ukrainians are fighting in an admirable example of patriotism.

These speeches also affirm things like that the apologists for war are the ones who support the invaded, and not the invaders, who have been attacking an independent country for two years without any justification , committing all kinds of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and systematically attacking civilian targets in clear and constant violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Furthermore, these speeches intend to present the US and NATO as the culprits of this war, and not Russia, which is the country that invaded Ukraine on February 22, 2022, violating International Law and arrogating a false right to recover what at some point in history was subject to the domination of Russia or the Soviet Union, a false right according to which all countries that were invaded by the Soviets (including some NATO countries) should return to Moscow's control, even if Russia itself officially recognized its independence decades ago.

The action of Kremlin agents in the West

The most hilarious thing about these speeches is that they try to convince people that all of us who defend Ukraine are being exploited by the CIA or MI6 (the foreign intelligence services of the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively) and they present us as servants of "the Anglos", in a ridiculous attempt to demonize certain countries for the mere fact of being English-speaking.

This insidiousness is launched, paradoxically, by those who act as repeaters of the Kremlin's slogans, to extremes that deserve us to ask ourselves, in fair reciprocity, if they have some kind of link with the SVR, the foreign intelligence service of Russia, or the GRU, Russian military intelligence. I'm not talking about mere conspiracy theories.

Let us remember, without going any further, what happened two years ago with the "Hlavné Správy" scandal, a pro-Russian Slovak media, in which a journalist and a high-ranking military officer who received money from the GRU were arrested to favor Moscow's interests. In Spain there has also been a Russian plot with contacts between separatist leaders and Kremlin agents, a plot that the Sánchez government intends to cover up with an amnesty because it affects its parliamentary allies.

An attempt to whitewash an invasion and a dictatorship

Whether paid by the Kremlin or instrumentalized by it without their knowledge, pro-Russian propahandists in the West want us to forget that Ukraine is at war because of Russia, and not because of the will of any NATO country, since the Atlantic Alliance is not even a belligerent party in this war. They also seek to whitewash the dictatorship of Vladimir Putin, a regime that is dedicated to murdering those who oppose it (the most recent case has been that of Navalny) and that has detained thousands of Russian citizens for demonstrating against this war caused by that dictator.

They favor a country that threatens the West with nuclear weapons

Furthermore, these speeches are serving - whether unconsciously or with full awareness of what they do - the interests of the enemies of the West, starting with the dictatorship of Putin, who this very week has threatened to use nuclear weapons against Westif any Western country sends troops to Ukraine, that is, to a country that is not Russia and where Russian troops should not be. Two years ago Putin already threatened Finland and Sweden with "serious military consequences" if they joined NATO, threats that had the effect, precisely, of making those two countries rush to join the Atlantic Alliance in search of its protection.

An attempt to weaken the West in the face of Russian threats

We must remember that Russia has forged alliances with terrorist states such as Iran and North Korea, in addition to maintaining alliances with other dictatorships such as Belarus, Cuba, communist China, Venezuela, Syria and Nicaragua. Therefore, it is no surprise to observe day after day that those who support all these dictatorships are also supporters of Russia and enemies of the West, which they characterize as the source of all evil. Let's not fool ourselves: the pro-Russian propagandists do not want our neutrality, what they want is to reduce support for the West in the face of a possible confrontation with Russia, a confrontation that Moscow encourages with its constant threats, which is why Most NATO countries have already begun to rearm to face possible Russian aggression.

In view of the crude arguments they use, the time has come for the same pro-Russian propagandists that today call to deny all aid to Ukraine (that is, to leave the way clear for Russia to continue murdering the Ukrainian people and to take over a free and sovereign country) they would do the same if any of our NATO allies were attacked by Russia, an attack that countries bordering Russia such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and Norway are very likely to suffer. They are like the friends of the school bully who want us to watch impassively an attack against a weak and defenseless child, a deterrence whose purpose is to impose the law of the strongest.

'Patriots' who want to leave us without the protection that NATO offers us

Listen to these types of speeches at the separatists (who hate Spain and have received support from the Kremlin) or the extreme left is something predictable. Communists have historically exhibited absolute disregard for the interest of their own countries, as they demonstrated in 1940 by sabotaging France's war effort against the German invasion, to which they only decided to fight after Hitler began the invasion of the USSR in June 1941.

What is truly outrageous and what causes logical disgust is to hear these speeches among people who claim to love Spain, especially among people who swore before the National Flag to defend our Homeland. It is something unusual to see people who boast of being patriotic suggesting that we should be disloyal to our allies, that we should remain neutral and apart from what Russia has been doing in Europe for a long time. years (invasion of Georgia in 2008, annexation of Crimea in 2014, invasion of Ukraine in 2022) and that we must even abandon the Atlantic Alliance that guarantees us protection in case we are the ones attacked, all of this to buying a guarantee of non-aggression from Russia which was of no use to Ukraine and which would mean submitting to Moscow's whims.

An act of betrayal to the West and, therefore, also to Spain

I repeat: the ultimate goal of these speeches is not to make Spain neutral. What they seek is to weaken the Western dam against Russian imperialism, the greatest threat to peace in Europe today. Messages like this, issued constantly for two years by people who act as mere repeaters of the lies issued by the Kremlin's propaganda media, are not something respectable and should not be normal in any country.

These propagandists are serving the interests of the enemies of the West, of which Spain is a part, and that does not represent the mere expression of a respectable opinion, but rather an act of betrayal of the West and, therefore, also to Spain. It is time for us to make this clear, especially when those who commit this betrayal have, at the same time, the cynicism to boast of being patriots.


Photo: Mikhail Svetlov.

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