They also criticize feminist organizations for forgetting about these women

500 Jewish women reproach the Sánchez government for its lack of support for women kidnapped by Hamas terrorists

Today is International Women's Day, but for certain governments and organizations, women do not matter if they are Jewish.

Hamas shows its gratitude to Sánchez: Israel was right when it accused his government
Several ministers of Pedro Sánchez support a demonstration of an antisemitic group that celebrated the Hamas terrorist attack

Letter recalls Hamas atrocities against Israeli women

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain (FCJE) has announced a letter signed by 500 Jewish women (see PDF) from Spain and other countries, including Eva Leitman , Holocaust survivor. The letter is addressed to Ana Redondo, Minister of Equality of the Spanish government, to women's associations, to feminist organizations and to just men. The letter states:

"On October 7, 2023, a massacre occurred in Israel where more than 1,400 people, mostly civilians, were murdered in the most brutal and cruel way ever seen. Among them, dozens of Israeli women were brutally raped, their genitals mutilated with nails before receiving a final shot in the head. Their breasts were cut off and taken as a trophy to Gaza where the civilian population received the terrorists with clamor and joy. Surely you have seen in the media the naked and lifeless body of Shani Louk, 22 years old, thrown in the back of a 4x4 like a rag doll, and spat on by the inhabitants of Gaza, even by young teenagers. It was later confirmed that they decapitated her."

The Jewish women who signed that letter also remember: "We still have 134 Israeli kidnapped people in Gaza, whose women continue to be raped and mistreated, some being very young like Karina Ariev, Liri Albag, Agam Berger or Daniela Gilboa, all 18-19 years old and at risk of already being pregnant by their rapists."

They criticize the Spanish government and feminist groups for their inaction in the face of this kidnapping

The letter reproaches the Spanish government for its inaction in the face of this kidnapping: "we have not seen from the Spanish Government, especially the ministers, a firm and resounding message of condemnation of the terrorists or any specific message of support for these womenwho are as feminine as anyone else." The letter also directs its criticism to feminist organizations:

"No feminist organization has raised its voice to express its rejection of what happened, not a single message condemning the aggressors, no sign of support for them and their children, victims of vicarious violence, no sign of mercy, just silence. Why? Don't Israeli women count as women? Isn't the fight for women's rights supposed to be for EVERYONE? This Silence is inadmissibleand can be seen as acceptance of the extraordinary seriousness of the facts."

The signatories of the letter add:

"While Israeli women continue to be victims of rape and torture, we are seeing posters in preparation for the celebration of March 8, 2024 with the Palestinian flag and condemning the state of Israel, and this is totally incomprehensible and outrageous to us.

We remind you that, in Gaza, rights for women and the LGTBI community do not exist. Women suffer from subalternity and machismo. And there LGTBOPHOBIA culminates in murder, unless they flee to Israel. Gaza is governed by a terrorist group, Hamas, which has to be dismantled for the good of the Palestinians and the entire world.

Hamas committed a terrorist, misogynistic and anti-Semitic massacre on October 7. If you have any respect for the Israeli women who have been massacred and those who are being kidnapped in Gaza, we ask you please that at least you are fair on March 8 and that you stop dehumanizing and demonizing the population of Israel, mixing issues that have nothing to do with what is happening there."

They denounce the incongruity of raising Palestinian flags in feminist marches

Finally, the letter reproaches the feminist movement for the following:

"In a march for International Women's Day, raising the flag of Palestine, confusing it with Hamas, whose leaders have tortured, raped, mutilated and kidnapped women and girls, is to humiliate women and "the victims of October 7 and even the Palestinian women. It is an ethical, moral and historical setback."

My total support for the Jewish community and the demands for the release of all the people kidnapped by Hamas. As a Spanish citizen I feel ashamed that we have a government that these terrorists are pleased with, a government in which several ministers supported an anti-Semitic march just a few days after the brutal attack by Hamas against Israel, a government that in January allowed a march called by a Palestinian terrorist group in Madrid. This government is the greatest shame of the West.


Photo: Efe.

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