A statement to Polish journalist Małgorzata Wołczyk for wPolityce

The Sánchez's coup and the hope that the EU will stop it: the opinion of Santiago Abascal

This Thursday, Spain has experienced one of the darkest days in its democratic history with the approval in Congress of the amnesty law.

The Congress approves the amnesty: the list of deputies who voted in favor
Ursula von der Leyen exposes the political harassment she orchestrated against Poland

This law, openly unconstitutional, grants impunity to the perpetrators of crimes of political corruption and terrorism, among other illegal acts, for the mere fact of being allies of the government and exclusively because Sánchez needs their support. In short: the government of Spain has placed itself at the service of criminals, in a serious attack on the rule of law that destroys two of the pillars of democracy: judicial independence and equality before the law.

The absolute inaction of the European Commission regarding the amnesty

Many Spaniards continue to place their hopes on the European Union, and specifically the Commission, to put a stop to this attack on the rule of law. Today, reality is not even remotely fueling those hopes. The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen (who is part of the European People's Party and intends to be re-elected to her position after the European elections in June), has done absolutely nothing to denounce Sánchez's authoritarian drift, neither to put a stop to it nor to denounce the law that grants impunity to corrupt politicians.

Abascal: “Salvation only lies in our people and in the defense of our own sovereignty”

On this topic, last night, reading the Polish newspaper wPolityce, I saw statements by Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, the third most voted party in Spain, to the Polish journalist Małgorzata Wołczyk, collected on March 9 in Madrid. The wPolityce journalist asked the Spanish politician what he would say to the Spaniards and Poles "who continue to believe that the European Union is a source of the rule of law" and that Europe is the solution to our problems, in cases like the amnesty in Spain.

"I believe that salvation only lies in our people and in the defense of our own sovereignty, in the defense of the dignity of our people and in no case can we have hope in the bureaucrats of Brussels or in the traitor politicians that exist both in Spain and in Poland," Abascal replied. "Those who believe that Europe or the European Union are going to save us from our own mistakes or our own betrayals, I think they are deeply mistaken", added the Vox leader.

“The European People's Party, the Spanish PP and the Polish PP are a deep scam”

Wołczyk asked Abascal about the Popular Party's belief that the European commissioners are going to solve this problem with the amnesty. The president of Vox pointed out: "I think that the European People's Party, the Spanish People's Party and the Polish People's Party are a deep scam. In Poland they have made an agreement with the left, in Spain too and In Brussels they vote systematically in all elections, in 90% of the cases the same, popular and socialist, so I believe that what we have the duty to do is to point out clearly to them and explain to them our compatriots what they are doing in Brussels. We clearly see what they are doing in Poland and what they are doing in Spain, which is to ally themselves with the socialists against the patriots and those who defend the sovereignty."

You can see the video with those statements here (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

I fully agree with Abascal. Either we stop this or no one will stop it. Von der Leyen's European Commission is not going to do anything. Regarding the case of Poland, I refer to what I published here on February 23 about the disastrous role of Von der Leyen, who harassed that country and Hungary simply because they had conservative governments, and now turns a blind eye to the new center-left government of Donald Tusk, which is doing things increasingly similar to what Sánchez does in Spain. Von der Leyen and her commissioners (mostly popular and socialist) never cared about the rule of law: it was a mere demand to impose the ideological agenda of the left and force the election of more powerful governments. docile to the dictates of Brussels.

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