The PSOE's denials on this matter no longer have any credibility

The new betrayal that the socialists are negotiating and the response they deserve

One of the things that people should take care of most carefully is the value of their word and that it is consistent with their actions.

Sánchez and Puigdemont dismantle the rule of law and Junts already aims at the unity of Spain
The Congress approves the amnesty: the list of deputies who voted in favor

The Spanish socialists of the PSOE have been lying in every possible way for decades. They lied in 2005 to deny that they were negotiating with ETA terrorists. They also lied to say that they would never govern with the communist Podemos. They lied again when they denied the amnesty, to finally end up giving in to the separatists. The PSOE has lied so many times that it is a party that you can no longer trust even to ask the time.

ERC affirms that it is already talking with the PSOE about a separatist referendum

Yesterday, the separatist Marta Rovira, general secretary of ERC, stated that they are already talking about a self-determination referendum with the PSOE. This is no surprise: let us remember that a few weeks ago, the Junts separatists already indicated that this was the next step after getting the socialists to grant them an amnesty.

The PSOE denies it through TVE but remains silent on its official channels

Curiously, yesterday Televisión Española, controlled by the government, was quick to publish a denial from the PSOE, citing "socialist sources" but without giving any specific name.

Who tells the truth? Experience shows us that you can no longer trust the word of the socialists, but there is one fact that indicates the lack of credibility of this denial: none of the official communication channels of the PSOE have said anything about Marta Rovira's words. The party has not issued a single official denial. After all, they are literally grabbed by the separatists by the crotch and they know that anything they say that might make their allies uncomfortable could cost them losing power.

A party that intends to retain power at any price

On the other hand, it cannot be expected that the PSOE will have more respect for national unity than it has had for the rule of law, for judicial independence, for equality before the law and for the good common of the Spanish, to name some important things that he is trampling with his amnesty law. For Pedro Sánchez and his minions, the only thing that matters is maintaining power at any price. Everything else is dispensable. In fact, in Catalonia the regional brand of the PSOE, the PSC, is just another nationalist party, which cares as little about the defense of the unity of Spain as its symbols, those he ignores in his actions and in many of the town councils in which it governs.

A betrayal that deserves a civic rebellion

In case anyone has thought about it, I'll say it now: no one expects the European Commission or other community institutions to stop this. The same can be said of the Constitutional Court, controlled by the PSOE and which has become a mere office to give approval to all the illegalities committed by the socialists. We Spaniards have to stop this, mobilizing, protesting and not giving the PSOE a single minute of respite. A betrayal of Spain and democracy like the one we are seeing deserves a civic rebellion in all the streets of the country. What we cannot in any way do is let them break up our Nation and destroy our democracy without reacting.

+ UPDATED 3:30 p.m.: The PSOE officially denies that it is negotiating an amnesty and ERC insists that it is being negotiated. The PSOE only has one way to demonstrate that its denial is true: cancel all meetings with the separatists. But it will not do. They lied about the amnesty and now it is logical to assume that they lie about this too.


Photo: PSOE.

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