He is one of those named in the Vox complaint against PSOE corruption

The socialist Salvador Illa has good reasons to fear Abascal more than Puigdemont

There are politicians who do not think too much when issuing a statement and end up doing their rivals a favor when they intend to criticize them.

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Illa fears Abascal more than Puigdemont

That is precisely what has happened to the socialist Salvador Illa, former Minister of Health in the Pedro Sánchez government and candidate of the Party of Socialists of Catalonia (PSC, the Catalan branch of the PSOE) for the presidency of the Catalan government. This Wednesday, the British newspaper The Times published an interview with him, in which he stated the following: "People fear Abascal more than Puigdemont."

As all demagogues do, Illa attributes his personal opinion to the "people", as if all Spaniards thought like him. Of course, his opinion has no real basis. In fact, if he had it, the socialists would have no problem calling new elections and stopping giving in to the blackmail of separatism. Instead, they are giving Puigdemont an amnesty to leave his crimes unpunished, violating the Constitution and trampling on the right to equality before the law.

The socialists are companions in Puigdemont's misdeeds

With their transfers, the socialists have turned Puigdemont into the shadow president of the Spanish government, a guy who governs our country from his exile in Belgium, where he fled after being claimed by Justice for the crimes committed in the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia, an attempt to suspend the Constitution and democratic guarantees in that Spanish region.

Socialists like Illa and separatists like Puigdemont have become partners in misdeeds, allying to approve an amnesty that endangers fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, as declared by the General Council of the Judiciary. The greatest fear that Illa can feel towards Puigdemont is the one that any criminal feels towards his accomplices: the fear of being betrayed by people with as few moral scruples as him.

Vox has pointed out Illa in its judicial actions for socialist corruption

Santiago Abascal, the president of Vox, is a man who trained as a democrat suffering the daily harassment from ETA and its sympathizers, suffering death threats from that criminal gang and attacks on his family. Abascal is not a man weak in character and lacking in principles like Illa or Sánchez. The leader of Vox has more than demonstrated his ability to defend Spain and freedom by facing all the challenges that are necessary.

In fact, to a large extent Vox was the one that brought the perpetrators of the 2017 separatist coup to court. The party led by Abascal was relentless in defending our democracy against the coup plotters. Vox is also being the strongest party in opposition to the amnesty. In addition, Illa is one of those named in the legal actions taken by Vox against the corruption scandal that is affecting the government of Pedro Sánchez, due to the million-dollar irregular contracts awarded by the then minister. In case anyone has doubts, yesterday Abascal stated the following:

Mr. Illa should be in front of a court responding to the links he has had with the corruption plot that enriched himself while the Spaniards were locked up or dying.

It is logical that he attacks VOX and not Puigdemont. He doesn't care that someone investigated for terrorism is the one who decides his party's policies.

What they do not want is for people to hear that this alliance between separatism and socialism is responsible for the ruin, for the insecurity, for the division, for the betrayal and for the crime of corruption.

Indeed, the socialist Illa has good reasons to fear Abascal. And those of us who defend democracy and the unity of Spain have reasons to be grateful to Abascal and Vox for their defense of both, both against the separatist coup of 2017 and against Sánchez and Puigdemont's blow to our Rule of Law.


Photo: Vox.

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