Separatists feel emboldened by socialists' concessions

Catalan separatism announces another coup and leaves Sánchez without an alibi for the amnesty

What was predictable has happened: giving in to separatism has only served to encourage it to launch a new challenge against the State.

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A new coup to the rule of law and national unity

After repeating for years that they would do it again, in reference to the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia, today separatism has taken another step. The president of the regional government of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès (from ERC), has announced a new secessionist "referendum", and has framed it in the current "negotiation phase" with the Sánchez government, once the amnesty law for those convicted of crimes committed in the coup was obtained of 2017.

What Aragonès announces is another coup to the rule of law and national unity, no matter how much he tries to disguise it with statements that it will be agreed upon. The Spanish Constitution is very clear in its Article 2 regarding any attempt to break unity national: "The Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards." No national or regional government can promote or negotiate something that attacks the very basis of our constitutional order.

Aragonès' announcement leaves Sánchez without an alibi for the amnesty law

Aragonès's announcement, with an amnesty law that has not yet been approved by the Senate, makes Sánchez look ridiculous and demonstrates the deception he committed by agreeing to grant that privilege to his separatist allies. Sánchez has been stating for months that his amnesty was to "normalize" Catalonia. The amnesty law itself has in its title the "institutional, political and social normalization in Catalonia." Its preamble states that "pursues the achievement of a general interest, such as need to overcome and channel deep-seated political and social conflicts, in the search for improving coexistence and social cohesion."

It was absurd to think that a law that violates the Constitution, that attacks equality before the law and leaves the authors of a separatist coup unpunished, including those who committed crimes of terrorism and treason, without have shown no regret and even having stated that they would do it again, it was not a law to improve coexistence, but to deteriorate it, which is precisely the reason why the separatists have been demanding this amnesty. They have never been interested in improving coexistence between Spaniards: they only seek to break it, in order to break national unity.

With its new coup, separatism leaves Sánchez without an alibi for amnesty. The entire discourse of the socialists to justify this illegal privilege granted to their partners collapses like a house of cards. It was something that anyone who knows the nature of Catalan separatism could expect, but Sánchez only sought to buy some more time to be able to remain in power even at the cost of giving a new boost to separatism. It has been a very serious irresponsibility.

Sánchez is carrying out a scorched-earth policy

After his amnesty has become evident, what he should do if he were a sensible person is to withdraw it and call elections, given the foreseeable loss of support from his investiture partners. But a sensible person would not have even presented that amnesty. Sánchez will accept to remain tied to separatism for as long as it takes to satisfy his personal interest in staying in power at any price. His highest ideal in politics was to come to power and now it is to keep it regardless of the damage it does to Spain.

What Sánchez has been doing is, in reality, a scorched-earth policy that will leave behind a Spain with a serious territorial crisis to the government that comes next, a government that the socialists will accuse of causing that inherited crisis, in the same way that Sánchez has blamed the previous government for the separatist coup in Catalonia, which has its origin in an unconstitutional statute and in the protests against the Constitutional Court in Catalonia for the ruling that annulled part of the articles of that statute, some protests that they were supported by the Catalan socialists, with their then leader José Montilla at the helm. The PSOE has been pouring gasoline on the fire of separatism for years, stating that it is to put it out, but it is a lie. A lie as crude as the one that claimed that the amnesty was intended to normalize the political situation in Catalonia.


Photo: PSOE.

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