The only Spanish president who rejected a condemnation for genocide crimes

Pedro Sánchez's denialism: he voted against a condemnation of nazi and communist crimes

The display of cynicism by the coalition government of socialists and communists in Spain is an insult to democracy and history.

Spanish Parliament refuses to condemn the crimes of Nazism and Communism
Spain: a totalitarian law that hides the war crimes of the left comes into force

Using dead people to cover up their corruption scandals

Yesterday, with his government and his own family marred by political corruption scandals, something already typical in the history of Spanish socialism, Pedro Sánchez went to the Valley of the Fallen to take photos with corpses. An embarrassing and infamous spectacle with which Sánchez intends to use the dead of the Spanish Civil War to cover up the dirty laundry of his government. He knows that the only way to avoid harsh punishment at the polls for corruption in this year's Basque, Catalan and European elections is to resort to political polarization to mobilize the most dissatisfied left-wing voters.

Sánchez complains about 'historical revisionism' and 'denialism'

After that visit, Sánchez launched a message on Twitter criticizing the "wave of ultra revisionism" and talking about "denialism" of the usual. Some statements full of cynicism, like all those that Sánchez makes, especially if we take into account that his government approved a law to impose its biased vision of history and hide the crimes of the left, presenting those who committed them as democrats and freedom fighters.

Sánchez's 'historical revisionism' and 'denialism'

We talk about crimes like the murder of 5,000 political prisoners (men, women and children) in Paracuellos in 1936, a war crime committed by communist allies of the PSOE, Sánchez's party, and committed when the socialist Francisco Largo Caballero was president of the Council of Ministers of the Republic. A crime that Sánchez and the PSOE have never condemned, for which they have never asked for forgiveness and to which they never refer, as if it had not existed.

It is an exhibition of impudence that Sánchez speaks of "denialism" taking that into account, and also seeing his vote against the European condemnation of the crimes of Nazism and Communism during a parliamentary vote held on the 25th March 2021.

The only Spanish president who rejected a conviction for genocide crimes

That European condemnation, approved in 2019, noted that "the Nazi and communist regimes carried out mass murders, genocide and deportations and caused a loss of life and freedom in the 20th century on a scale unseen in human history." With that resolution, the European Parliament had condemned "the acts of aggression, crimes against humanity and mass human rights violations perpetrated by the Nazi, communist and other totalitarian regimes."

Here you can see what each deputy and each Spanish party voted in Congress. The European condemnation of these totalitarian crimes was rejected by 184 votes against, 154 votes in favor and 11 abstentions. Sánchez voted against, along with the deputies of his party and his communist and separatist allies. In all the years we have had democracy, Sánchez is the only Spanish president who has rejected a conviction for crimes of genocide.

With that vote against, the message that Sánchez sent is that there are certain crimes of genocide that do not seem condemnable because they were perpetrated by communists, that is, by supporters of an antidemocratic ideology that It has killed more than 100 million people. For Sánchez, communism is not condemnable and neither are its crimes, not even the crimes of genocide committed by communist dictatorships. And he still has the colossal reputation of accusing others of "revisionism" and "denialism", which is precisely what he does with the crimes of communism, refusing to condemn them because he is allied with communists. His government is, in fact, the only government in the European Union that has communist ministers, while he is dedicated to boasting about his "democratic memory".


Photo: PSOE.

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