The Popular Party has let itself be carried away, once again, by the far-left

The great favor of all the Spanish parties except Vox to the illegal immigration mafias

This Tuesday, Spain took another step towards irresponsibility and folly in matters of borders and immigration policy.

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A new amnesty to regularize 500,000 illegal immigrants

The Congress approved the processing of a bill to regularize illegal immigrants, through a modification of the immigration law that will imply the regularization of all foreigners who have been illegally in Spain since before November 1, 2021. Thus, after the amnesty for the perpetrators of the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia, now comes a new amnesty that will benefit some 500,000 illegal immigrantswho will be rewarded for having broken the law to enter Spain.

Only Vox voted against this senseless and irresponsible initiative

This procedure It was approved by 310 votes in favor and 33 against. All parties voted in favor except Vox, which was the only one that opposed. That is, the only one that showed a sense of common sense, responsibility, respect for the law and defense of the interests of Spain. Once again, the Popular Party united its votes to the left and the extreme left, to the surprise of many of its voters. It is worth wondering if these voters will have enough with this new betrayal of the electorate or if they will continue voting for the PP with their nose covered, whatever it does, sending the message that making fun of them is free.

Abascal: “They (the entire Congress except VOX) have supported the mafia business”

Yesterday, the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, criticized the change of criteria of the president of the Popular Party , who was expected not to support that initiative: "Mr. Feijóo has just supported something much worse than regulating half a million illegals. They (the entire Congress except VOX) have supported the business of the mafias that have brought them, have amplified the call effect and will make many more come under the same conditions. They are clothed in sensitivity and compassion... but they are collaborating with human trafficking strong>, with the destruction of security and with the ruin of the Spaniards and of the immigrants who come to Spain legally.".

The mafias will be the big beneficiaries of this new amnesty

I fully share Abascal's criticism. Both in the case of the separatist coup in Catalonia and in the case of illegal immigration, these amnesties send the message that violating the law is free in Spain and encourage those who did it to repeat their behavior . Of course, the behavior of those who sought to break national unity and suspend the validity of the Constitution in Catalonia is not comparable with the behavior of those who, moved by necessity and desperation, risk their lives to reach Spain strong> by illegal means. That is why Abascal focuses on the mafias.

In fact, illegal immigration mafias will be the biggest beneficiaries of this new amnesty. A policy of firm defense of the law on immigration would have served to discourage this miserable trafficking in human beings that profits from the desperation of many people and seriously endangers their lives, often leading them to death. However, yesterday all the Spanish parties except Vox wanted to send a very different message: this amnesty will give hope to many potential illegal immigrants to take the path to Spain, in the belief that there will be more amnesties like this , once the melon of respect for the law was broken.

This call effect that Abascal points out and that will be created with this amnesty will be a new opportunity for human traffickers to do business at the expense of the lives of these illegal immigrants. And all this covered with false piety to justify this new favor to the mafias, a discourse that confuses justice with forgetting the duty of every State to guard its borders and order immigration.

The incomprehensible position of the Spanish Episcopal Conference

A forgetfulness that, unfortunately, the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE) has joined in, reaching the absurdity of equating this regularization with the defense of the right to life, as the president of the EEC, Luis Argüello, did yesterday. Monsignor Argüello was not born yesterday and he should find it suspicious that political parties that have supported abortion and euthanasia now also support this favor to the illegal immigration mafias.

The purpose of the extreme left with this new amnesty

It is not the defense of the right to life or the dignity of immigrants that drives this type of initiative. If the extreme left promotes this initiative (because it has left that end of the political map, although our bishops insist on ignoring it) it is because it supports a policy of open borders in Spain, so that it can anyone can enter, even if they are people with criminal records or even terrorists, as has already happened on a few occasions.

The extreme left has always supported and will always support everything that could harm Spain as a Nation, because its maximum purpose in politics is to destabilize our country and apply the Leninist maxim of "the worse, the better", the idea that the more degraded our society is, the more supporters the recipes sold by far-left charlatans may have.

Open borders in Spain, closed borders in far-left dictatorships

We just have to review what the border policy of the extreme left is where it governs. The communists have turned entire countries into prisons, preventing their inhabitants from leaving them with the same fanaticism with which they intend to let everyone in here. Many who now ask for open borders in Spain are those who long for the communist Germany that machine-gunned those who tried to flee from that dictatorship. Let us remember that last year, this initiative in favor of illegal immigration was supported by extreme left parties that still support communist dictatorships today, such as the BNG, ERC, Bildu and the communists of Unidas Podemos.

Do they intend to convince us that Bildu defends human dignity?

Incidentally, one of the parties that support this initiative, Bildu, has not condemned any of ETA's terrorist attacks, attacks in which 853 people were murdered, including 22 children and babies. Likewise, three years ago those parties voted against a condemnation of the crimes of communism in a vote in Congress. You have to be very naive to think that these parties voted yesterday what they voted out of a sudden respect for life and human dignity, a respect that they have shown they do not have for the more than 100 million people murdered by communism.


Photo: Congreso de los Diputados.

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