The initiative will be rejected: one country's veto is enough for it to not prosper

The attempt to turn abortion into a 'right' in the European Union: what each MEP voted for

The left continues to try to impose its ideology on all the countries of the European Union, including its war against unborn children.

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A legal and moral aberration like calling slavery a 'right'

This Thursday, the European Parliament voted a proposal from several left-wing and far-left groups to convert abortion into a "fundamental right", a legal and moral aberration as brutal as it would be to call abortion a "right". the possession of slaves. There is no right to murder innocent and defenseless human beings, and that will still not be a right no matter what a parliamentary majority says.

According to the European Parliament website (which is a disaster when it comes to searching for information on the detailed results of a vote), this aberrant initiative was approved by 336 votes in favor, 163 against and 39 abstentions: one shame for Europe, comparable to what Germany committed in the 1930s when another parliamentary majority stripped the Jews of their fundamental rights. In both cases we find the same situation: a majority that seeks to liquidate certain human rights.

Fake 'liberals' helping communists undermine our democracy

An initiative like that is an insult to democracy, because democracy does not give the majority the right to violate the right to life, and when a majority does that, what we have then is not a democracy , but the dictatorship of the majority. It is not surprising that this pro-abortion initiative has received the support of the communists, who are experts in destroying democracies from within. Those who should be made to look at it are those who presume to be "liberal" and support the violation of the most basic human right, which is life, helping the communists to undermine the foundations of our democracy.

An initiative that will be rejected in the European Council

It must be said that this initiative has zero possibilities of changing the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, since for it to be approved it needs the unanimous vote of all the members of the European Council. It will be enough for Malta (a country where abortion is illegal) or the conservative governments of Italy, the Czech Republic and Hungary to vote against to overthrow this initiative. With only one government against, the initiative would be rejected. Yes indeed: there is no way to remove the moral stain of having voted for this infamy from the European Parliament.

What each group and each MEP voted for

If you want more information about this shameful initiative, here you can read the approved text in English (PDF). On the other hand, and although it has been very difficult to find the results of the vote (I repeat: the European Parliament's website is a disaster), here you can see what each MEP voted (point 61, and click 61.31 in the drop-down menu) . I have published a PDF here with the detailed results of this vote :

This is what each parliamentary group has voted:

  • Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D): 105 in favor, 2 against, 1 abstention.
  • European People's Party (EPP): 69 against, 43 in favor, 11 abstentions.
  • Renew Europe (RE): 81 in favor, 3 against, 1 abstention.
  • The Greens/European Free Alliance (Verts / ALE): 60 in favor, 1 abstention.
  • European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR): 44 against, 2 in favor, 11 abstentions.
  • Identity and Democracy (ID): 31 against, 1 in favor, 13 abstentions.
  • European United Left / Nordic Green Left (The Left): 30 in favor.
  • Not registered (NI): 14 in favor, 13 against, 1 abstention.

What each party and each MEP from Spain have voted for

On the other hand, this is what each party and each MEP in Spain has voted for (I indicate the names with which each one has voted, and also the names of those who have not gone to vote):

  • PSOE / PSC (S&D): 18 in favor: Clara Aguilera, Laura Ballarín, Jonás Fernández, Lina Gálvez, Ibán García del Blanco, Isabel García Muñoz, Iratxe García Pérez, Eider Gardiazabal, Nicolás González Casares, Alicia Homs, Juan Fernando López Aguilar, César Luena, Cristina Maestre Martín de Almagro, Javier Moreno Sánchez, Inma Rodríguez-Piñero, Marcos Ros Sempere, Domènec Ruiz Devesa and Ignacio Sánchez Amor. They have not voted: Estrella Durá, Mónica Silvana and Javier López Fernández.
  • Partido Popular (PPE): 10 against: Pablo Arias Echeverría, Isabel Benjumea, Pilar del Castillo, Ana Collado, Rosa Estaràs, José Manuel García-Margallo, Leopoldo López Gil, Francisco José Millán Mon, Javier Zarzalejos and Juan Ignacio Zoido. They have not voted: Antonio López-Istúriz, Gabriel Mato and Dolors Montserrat.
  • Vox (ECR): 4 against: Mazaly Aguilar, Jorge Buxadé, Margarita de la Pisa and Hermann Tertsch.
  • Podemos (The Left): 4 in favor: Patricia Caro Maya, Eugenia Rodríguez Palop, Esther Sanz Selva andIdoia Villanueva Ruiz.
  • Izquierda Unida (The Left): 1 in favor: Manu Pineda.
  • Anticapitalistas (The Left): 1 in favor: Miguel Urbán Crespo.
  • Ciudadanos (RE): 3 in favor: Jordi Cañas, María Soraya Rodríguez Ramos and Adrián Vázquez Lázara. 2 against: José Ramón Bauzá, Susana Solís Pérez. She has not voted: Elena María Poptcheva.
  • Partido Nacionalista Vasco (RE): 1 in favor: Izakun Bilbao.
  • Javier Nart, independent (RE): has not voted.
  • Maite Pagazaurtundúa, independent (RE): has not voted.
  • Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (Verts / ALE): 2 in favor: Diana Riba and Jordi Solé.
  • Bloque Nacionalista Galego (Verts / ALE): 1 in favor: Ana Miranda.
  • Junts per Catalunya (NI): 2 in favor Antonio Comín and Carles Puigdemont. She has not voted: Clara Ponsatí.


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