A government that has allowed a march of Palestinian terrorists in Madrid

The honor of being attacked by a government praised by Hamas for supporting Israel

During nazi Germany, one of the worst things that could happen to you was to be singled out by the nazis as a "friend of the Jews."

Hamas shows its gratitude to Sánchez: Israel was right when it accused his government
The Sánchez government allows a march of a Palestinian terrorist group in Madrid

However, after the world contemplated the horror of the Holocaust, that accusation became a medal for those accused. They had been among the few who did something worthy and decent. Something like this can be said about the largest massacre that the Jewish people have suffered since the Holocaust: the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on October 7, 2023.

Yesterday, in a further gesture of vileness, the socialist Pedro Sánchez attacked Vox from the tribune of Congress for the trip that Santiago Abascal and Hermann Tertsch made to Israel to show their support for that country after that brutal massacre. Sánchez came to accuse Israel of the deaths caused by the war started by Hamas, which is like accusing the Allies of the deaths caused by the war started by Hitler with the invasion of Poland in 1939.

With this attack on Vox, Pedro Sánchez makes it clear that he considers it objectionable to have supported Israel after that terrorist attack, which is what Vox did. Sánchez's hostility towards Israel has been so mean that Hamas even showed its gratitude to Sánchez in November, for his criticism of the Jewish State for exercising its right to self-defense against these criminals. In January, Sánchez went a step further and allowed a march called by a Palestinian terrorist group in Madrid, a group that supported and celebrated that Hamas terrorist attack.

We Spaniards will have to carry for years the shame of having the most anti-Semitic government in the European Union, just as the Germans, even today, carry the shame of the fact that it was in their country where a criminal like Hitler came to power. power and committed genocide against the Jewish people. Of course: Vox will always be able to hold its head high for having supported Israel, for having opposed the Hamas terrorists and for having denounced Sánchez's infamous attitude towards that massacre against the Jewish people.

It is an honor that a government praised by Hamas attacks you for supporting Israel, just as it was an honor that the nazis designated you as a "friend of the Jews." Today, for having this gesture of dignity, Vox may suffer the hatred of the most anti-Semitic government in the EU and of those who applaud its Judeophobia from the extreme left, the extreme right and Islamic extremism, those sewers of our society that has hatred of Jews as a common denominator.

But no one is going to take away from Vox the honor of having done the right thing, of having been where others would like to have been when history has to judge the miserable attitude of those who, like Sánchez, are using this anti-Semitic attack by Hamas to ask that the attackers be rewarded with a Palestinian state, at the same time that they use the false death tolls spread by Hamas to demonize the country attacked by these terrorists, which is Israel.


Photo: PSOE.

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