In 2020, Sánchez allowed himself to be taught by Iran on human rights

Pedro Sánchez omits all criticism of Iran in his first message after the Iranian attack on Israel

Pedro Sánchez's hostility against Israel is once again evident after the start of the Iranian attack against the Jewish State.

The Israeli Prime Minister's statement regarding Iran's attack on Israel
Israeli minister points out difference between Abascal's and Sanchez's visits to Israel

While other Western governments are expressly condemning Iran's attack on Israel, and while the United States and the United Kingdom are contributing their military forces to help shoot down Iranian drones and missiles, the president of the government of Spain, the socialist Pedro Sánchez, has published a brief message on Twitter in which he omits all criticism of Iran and does not even mention that country or Israel:

We follow the events in the Middle East with utmost concern. A regional escalation must be avoided at all costs.

We are in permanent contact with the embassies in the region, which remain active, to serve the Spaniards in the area.

This reaction is no surprise. In 2019, after a meeting with Iranian dictator Hassan Rouhani, Sánchez highlighted "the importance of Iran as a regional actor, with the capacity to influence open conflicts, and I have urged it to do everything possible to save the 2015 nuclear agreement."

Between 2020 and 2023, Sánchez had Podemos ministers in his government, a party with links to the Iranian regime and whose founder, Pablo Iglesias, acknowledged that he allowed himself to be used by that regime to destabilize Spain.

In 2020, the Sánchez government even allowed Iran to lecture him on human rights, specifically on the eradication of hate speech, racism and intolerance, promotion of women's rights, protection of children and freedom of expression and the right to assembly, some purely surreal lessons coming from a deeply misogynistic dictatorship that brutally represses any protest.

Also in 2020, the Sánchez government aligned itself with Iran against Israel at the UN to accuse the Jewish State of harming women's rights. With partners like Iran, the Spanish government is becoming the shame of the European Union.


Photo: La Moncloa. Meeting of Pedro Sánchez with Hasán Rohaní, president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, on September 24, 2019.

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