Is progressivism replacing boys and girls with pets?

Aberrant: public aid to abort unborn children and to adopt pets

I know that saying certain things in these times can be unpopular, but I believe that the fear of unpopularity leads us to irrationality.

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Yesterday, in their first meeting after the investiture of Alfonso Rueda (of the Popular Party) as president of the Galician government last week, the Xunta approved public aid of 150 euros to adopt a dog (125 in the case of a cat), to cover the first veterinary and identification involved in having a pet.

The news has left me stunned. I live in Vigo, the largest city in Galicia. A few days ago it was known that in Vigo there are already 42,000 registered dogs and only 15,000 children under ten years of age. Thus, we talk about three times as many pets as children, if we include dogs that are not registered, cats and other animals.

Maybe you don't get an idea of what it's like to live in a city with this population of animals and with many dog owners who stand out for their incivility. Last weekend, walking through the city center, I came across a street full of traces of dog urine (on the traffic lights, the streetlights, the trash cans... the whole street was has become a peeing ground for pets). Since it hasn't rained for days and the city council hasn't watered the streets (at least no cleaning was evident on the street in question), the smell was unpleasant, but even worse was the plague of flies associated with that dirt.

We also have another paradox: due to an infamous law approved by the socialists and that the PP left intact, in Spain abortions are financed with public funds. In 2022, 98,316 unborn sons and daughters were murdered in Spain (and I mention both sexes because many feminists applaud this atrocity that kills tens of thousands of girls in our country annually). Between that and the low birth rate, there are fewer and fewer children, but the number of pets continues to grow.

A society in this situation is a decadent society, no matter how much some want to deceive themselves considering an "advanced society" to be one that kills the most innocent and defenseless, as if this atrocity were an advance . But financing pet adoptions and also the act of killing unborn children is something purely aberrant. In the end, it seems that this unique progressive thought established by the left and meekly assumed by the PP consists, basically, of replacing boys and girls with pets.

For decades now, the left has been obsessed with the myth of overpopulation and embraced abortion as an "antidote" to the supposed "excess" of human beings. Much of the leftist measures in favor of the culture of death, as Saint John Paul II defined it, are linked to that obsession. However, no one dares to question this overpopulation of pets, lest someone get angry. When it comes to criticizing large families, some do not have so many qualms.

Personally, I believe that dogs are very noble and faithful animals (as long as they are well trained: a dog in the hands of an irresponsible person is a danger). With these lines I do not intend to criticize animals, but rather the stupid drift that humans have taken. What seems irrational to me is that in a city like mine there are already more dogs than children, and that our politicians are using all means to make this nonsense worse.


Photo: 2 Bro’s Media.

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