Vox exposes the serious problem of the Islamization of this Spanish region

'Towards the Islamic Republic of Catalonia': a documentary about the serious drift of that region

In Catalonia, separatism has created a dangerous situation that I already exposed here in 2017, promoting Islamism out of hatred of Spain.

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Catalan separatism does not welcome immigration from Latin American countries for one reason only: it speaks Spanish. For this reason, many years ago separatism decided to promote immigration from Islamic countries, since these people do not know Spanish and the separatists can offer them integration into Catalan society by only learning the regional language, Catalan, a language used for political purposes by secessionism.

As a consequence of this, today Catalonia is the Spanish region with the highest percentage of Muslim immigration and has become the European nest of Salafism, the most extremist branch of Islam, two phenomena that are generating increasingly serious social problems, including insecurity, the creation of Islamic ghettos, jihadism (which caused the 2017 terrorist attacks in that region) and also attacks against the dignity of women, with each time more cases of child marriages, forced marriages, female genital mutilations and a notable rise in rapes.

The left helped separatism create this serious problem, which despite its dimensions is treated as a political taboo, which only one party dares to confront: Vox. Yesterday, in Hospitalet de Llobregat, the Vox parliamentary group in the Parliament of Catalonia presented the documentary "Towards the Islamic Republic of Catalonia", which addresses the serious problem of Islamization that this Spanish region is suffering and its consequences. The documentary lasts almost 24 minutes, you can watch it in full here (as long as YouTube does not censor it). The video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player:

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