Olga worked for 8 years in an abortion center and reveals what was done there

A repentant doctor: “I feel very guilty about all the abortions I performed”

In the 20 years that I have been publishing Counting Stars I have seen very harsh testimonies. One of the hardest is the one I bring you today.

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This testimony was published by the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers this Monday on its YouTube channel. The woman we see in the video is called Olga and she worked for eight years in an abortion center in Spain. I have been talking about this topic on this blog for many years, and I think Olga's words say more about the horror of abortion than I could say in my entire life. She has collaborated with this horror and now tells how women are deceived in these centers, with practices that endanger the health of these patients. And all for money.

Olga recognizes it bluntly: "Abortion is a business. Although I was an abortion doctor, which now that I regret very much, there are many traumas that are generated, people do not realize it. You know, because patients feel they have that right but they also delegate a lot of trauma to the doctors who do it, and I'm sure that it doesn't just happen to me, it will happen to many."

Through tears, Olga adds: "It may seem a bit hypocritical because I spent 8 years working there, but you get blinded when you're there, when you're away you already see it. I still feel very very guilty about all the abortions I had. A lot. I feel that guilty. I don't have children and I feel like I don't have the right to have children." She also states that "if the administrations gave more support to a pregnant woman and they were made aware of that support... Many abort due to economic problems. If they were given more support, I am sure they would not opt for abortion". The video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player:

The Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers has launched a petition to the government of Andalusia to close the abortion center where Olga worked, among other reasons (explained by the doctor) for performing chemical abortions on women who were not pregnant to charge them for the service, for entrusting an assistant of nursing that supplied a drug that only a doctor can administer, and other irregularities and alleged crimes. "The process is already judicialized," says the Foundation.

Olga is not the first repentant abortionist who decides to leave that world of death and horror and embraces the cause of life. In the United States There have been cases like that of Bernard Nathanson and Abby Johnson, whose testimony was captured in the excellent film "Unplanned".

Hopefully one day all abortionists will repent like Olga has done and this slaughter of unborn children will end. For now, the cause of death has lost Olga. Hopefully her testimony will serve to stir consciences and open the eyes of many people about abortion, about the vileness of that business and above all the damage it does to millions of women, in addition to all the innocent lives with the ones that end.

Finally, I am a Christian and I know that God can do everything and his love has no limits. He gave his son so that men could crucify him and thus redeem us from sin, and despite that great sacrifice that did for us, we fall again and again, and He forgives us again as soon as we ask for His help to get up. I know that Olga will find in the love of God the peace and forgiveness that she would otherwise be unable to find. The cause of life not only deserves to be defended for all the lives it can save, but also for all the broken souls who will find forgiveness and redemption. Let's not stop praying for it.

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