In 2022 it refused to investigate htem: its only interested in those of the Church

The PSOE insists on ignoring 99.8% of sexual abuse against minors in Spain

Sexual abuse of minors is something that should be treated seriously, due to the serious damage it causes to many children.

Sexual abuse against children and the infamous attitude of the Spanish left
The socialist Gabilondo detects many more abuses in non-religious schools than in the Church but he only points out the Church

The Ombudsman detected 487 victims but the government speaks of 440,000

However, Pedro Sánchez's government does not seem concerned about the vast majority of these cases, judging by the announcement made today by his executive that will hold a public event with victims of these abuses, but only those related with the Catholic Church. Let us remember that a report from the Ombudsman's office, controlled by the PSOE, detected last year 487 victims, but today the government has stated that there are 440,000, without indicating the origin of that data: a GAD3 survey published by the Ombudsman last year perhaps because those 487 victims seemed few to him.

0.2% of abuse by priests and 3.7% of abuse by teachers: the government only talks about 0.2%

As we have already seen here, the ANAR Foundation published a study on these abuses in Spain in 2021, which indicated that only 0.2% of the cases were committed by priests. The vast majority of cases occur within the families of the victims. Furthermore, teachers represent 3.7% of the cases, while extracurricular activity monitors account for 1.0%. These are, as we can see, many more cases than those that affect the Church, but since these are not of political interest to the PSOE, it ignores them.

In 2022, the PSOE refused to investigate 99.8% of the abuses, because they are not attributed to the Church

In fact, in 2022 the PSOE voted against a PP initiative to investigate all cases of abuse of minors in Spain, regardless of the condition of the person who committed the abuse. The PSOE only wanted to investigate those related to the Church, which indicates that its approach to this problem is not motivated by a true concern for the victims, but by an attempt to use these abuses politically. whose effect is to ignore 99.8% of cases. It is a mean and miserable attitude, but yes, it is an attitude very typical of a party as lacking in moral scruples as the PSOE.

If the PSOE agreed to compensate that 99.8%, the bill for the State would be astronomical

On the other hand, in addition to ideological motivations, the PSOE is motivated by economic motivations. The announcement made today by Minister Félix Bolaños to compensate victims of abuses through administrative way, without the cases being verified by Justice, and then demand that the Church take charge of these compensations. It opens the door to filing false complaints and encourages them.

A few months ago, it was already shown that the Ombudsman published a fabricated case, a case whose purpose was to demonstrate the lack of rigor of the report prepared by the socialists to determine abuses related to the Church. If the same method were used to compensate children abused by public school teachers, the State would have to face astronomical amounts. What the government is interested in is using these cases to fuel its anti-Catholic campaign, and not having to face compensation for the many more abuses that have occurred in schools.


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