One of the founders of the Me Too movement is accused of abusing a minor

Asia Argento: A New Shock to the Anti-Masculine Dogmas of Leftist Feminism

After the recent case of the feminist Avital Ronell, accused of sexually harassing a student, leftist feminism is shaken by a new scandal: that of the feminist actress Asia Argento.

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The initiator of what some have called a "witch hunt"

As reported by the progressive newspaper The New York Times, the actress paid $ 380,000 to Jimmy Bennett, a young actor and rock musician who accused her of sexually abusing him in a hotel room in California when the boy had just turned 17 years. The news has generated a big media scandal, since in October of 2017 Argento was one of the first women who claimed to have been raped by producer Harvey Weinstein two decades earlier in the French town of Cannes. That accusation was the beginning of the movement "Me Too", which has ended up turning into a wave of accusations of sexual abuse, generally without evidences, to such extremes that some have called it a "witch hunt".

Striked of "misogynist and macho" for defending the presumption of innocence

On February 11, Javier Marías wrote an article in the Spanish progressive newspaper El País stating that "the MeToo movement and others have established two pseudo truths: a) that women are always victims; b) that women never lie. Depending on the second, any accused male is automatically considered guilty. This is the greatest imaginable perversion of justice." Marías also pointed out: "To give credit to the victims for presenting themselves as such is to open the door to revenge, revenge, slander, defamation and account adjustments. Women lie as much as men, that is, some do and others do not. If everyone is given credit on principle, a deadly weapon is being given to the envious, the disgusted, the wicked, the misandric and those who simply keep it to someone." This defense of the right to the presumption of innocence angered many feminists. The former socialist deputy Amparo Rubiales labeled Javier Marías as "misogynist and macho" and even encouraged not to read his article. Maybe for fear someone would prove his arguments were reasonable?

Man, the scapegoat for this totalitarian ideology

Many feminists are rolling the right to the presumption of innocence of men based on one of the dogmas of gender ideology: the idea that the relationship between men and women is based on power, with men being oppressors and women the oppressed. In fact, one of the creators of gender ideology, the radical marxist and feminist Shulamith Firestone (1944-2012), called women "the subjugated class". Another of the most famous ideologues of leftist feminism, Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986), affirmed that man "has managed to subdue the woman." Within this deformed ideological vision of humanity, left-wing feminists, inspired by the class struggle schema of Marxism, wanted man to occupy the role of scapegoat the bourgeoisie had in communist speech, blaming him for all evils with the same mendacity with which national-socialism drew the Jews. As history shows, totalitarian ideologies deprive their scapegoats of their most basic rights: it happened in Russia with the bourgeoisie and in Germany with the Jews, and now leftist feminism does the same with men.

Asia Argento, Avital Ronell and many others show that women can also commit abuses, shattering the anti-masculine speech of leftist feminism. Hopefully this serves not only to show many the invalidity of that speech, but also -and above all- to make them understand that no one can be deprived of the right to the presumption of innocence, and even less because of their sex and for the sake of ideologies that clash with reality.


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    LOVE this article very informative. I’ve copied it for future use when discussing political issues with the Clinton Mafia and the state of the neofeminist movement.

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