Last week, the party headquarters suffered an attack with explosives

Germany: an ‘anti-fascist’ group vindicates an assassination attempt of a right-wing deputy

This Monday Frank Magnitz, regional leader in Bremen and deputy in the German Parliament for the right-wing Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), suffered a brutal beating that left him seriously injured.

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A construction worker prevented the deputy was killed

The assailants were three individuals who beat him with a wooden stake and, once on the ground, kicked him. The attack took place at 17:20 hours at the Goethe Square in Bremen, and the result was not even worse because a construction worker intervened “bravely” to stop the beating. Judging by the images that have circulated of Magnitz in the hospital after the aggression, it is clear that it was an assassination attempt for political reasons.

An ‘anti-fascist’ group vindicates the assassination attempt from

According to Gateway Pundit, two days after the brutal attack, a statement published by an “anti-fascist” group claimed responsibility for the assassination attempt. The statement, signed by Antifaschistischer Frühling Bremen (Spring Antifascist Bremen), was published in the far-left portal, although it was later deleted. A copy of the statement can still be seen here. In the note, the aforementioned group claimed the assassination attempt stating that “we wanted to free the politician F. Magnitz of his fascist ideas.”

A wave of far-left terrorism that began in 2015

To this assassination attempt it must be added that AfD’s headquarters in Döbeln, in the Free State of Saxony, suffered an attack with explosives last Thursday, January 3, resulting in serious damage, without causing any personal injuries. This wave of terrorism of the far-left began years ago in Germany, with clear incitements to murder for political reasons, very serious events that have not been answered by the authorities. In 2015, a gay play called for the shooting of several AfD leaders and shortly afterwards the vehicle and the family business of one of them were set on fire, completely destroyed.

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