The aggressor, who was riding a bicycle, has hit the old man and has fled

Spain: Assault against a 77-year-old Vox member at an information stand in Cangas de Morrazo

The campaign of violence against the third most voted party in Spain continues. This time the aggression happened in the Galician town of Cangas de Morrazo (Pontevedra).

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An individual on a bicycle has assaulted the Vox affiliate and has fled

This morning, Vox set up an information stand in that locality, in which several members of that political formation participated, including Manuel Español, its coordinator in Cangas and Moaña, a 77-year-old man. While they had the stand installed, they saw an individual riding a bicycle approaching and carrying in his right hand a bag in which there was apparently a box. When passing by the Vox information table, the individual has hit Manuel with the bag heavily in the head, and then the aggressor has fled. One of the Vox affiliates was able to record the moment of aggression. The provincial organization of Vox in Pontevedra has published the video this afternoon:

The aggressor had already "lashed, insulted and spit" another Vox affiliate

As reported from Vox Pontevedra, the aggressor "had already lashed, insulted and spit on another partner" at a previous information stand. This is an individual wearing dark gray pants with an inscription in white letters on the upper part of the left leg. He wore a black raincoat with a hood. The images show that he is a dark man with a mustache and beard. The bicycle is black, with metallic rear wheel brackets. I hope the Police can get him arrested soon and be judged for what he has done. My solidarity with Manuel and with the other Vox members who have been suffering threats and aggressions. In a democratic society, a campaign of violence like the one experienced by Vox members is intolerable.

A town ruled by a coalition of two communist parties

Alternativa Canguesa de Esquerdas (ACE) governs in Cangas de Morrazo. It's a coalition formed by two communist parties: United Left (the electoral mark of the Communist Party of Galicia) and the Galician Popular Front, the former partners of Herri Batasuna -the political arm of the ETA terrorists- in Galicia. It is necessary to say that if this formation of far left governs in Cangas it is not because it has won the elections (the most voted party was the Popular Party), but because it had the support of the Socialist Party (PSOE) and the BNG (far-left separatists). In 2016, an ACE councilor was arrested for inciting hatred and violence and for making threats against Gloria Lago, president of the association Galicia Bilingüe. The mayor of Cangas, Xosé Manuel Pazos (of ACE), refused to request the resignation of the councilman and said that these expressions were framed in the exercise of "freedom of speeche." Let's see what he says now about this aggression against a Vox affiliate, if he says anything.

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