The victims were kidnapped last week in an attack in Nigeria

Islamists murder five kidnapped Christians: new media silence

I recently informed you about the murder of eleven Christians and the kidnapping of seven in Nigeria by jihadist terrorists if Boko Haram.

Eleven Christians killed by jihadists in Nigeria: don’t these black lives matter?
The massacre of Christians in Nigeria continues: the mainstream media hides it in the West

Last week's attack on a Christian church in Pemi

killings and kidnapping were perpetrated on Christmas Eve in Pemi, Borno state, when members of the Church of the Brethren, a Protestant Christian church, prepared for Christmas celebrations at their temple, which was shot and set on fire by the terrorists.

Jihadists murder five kidnapped Christians

The Ceuta journalist Wassim Nasr, an expert on jihadism for the French channel France 24, reported on his Twitter yesterday afternoon the murder of five of the Christians kidnapped last week in Borno. The murder, like others perpetrated by Boko Haram and ISIS, was staged by dressing the victims in orange prisoner suits. According to Nasr, ISIS terrorists, whose network Boko Haram is part of, have stated: "This is a gift message for the Christians of the world and especially for the Nigerians among them."

Nasr quotes ISIS, Shekau (referring to Abubakar Shekau, head of Boko Haram) and JAS (one of the Boko Haram factions) as saying that their movement "intensified attacks on Christians during the Christmas period." The image released by Nasr bears the logo of the so-called Amaq news agency, a propaganda organ of ISIS terrorists.

Media silence in the West in the face of this new crime

The most amazing thing about these new crimes is that, having been known yesterday, to this day these crimes have barely been echoed in the media. The crimes of Boko Haram, which is perpetrating a veritable genocide with thousands of victims in Nigeria, rarely find much attention in the western media, and less now in those whose attention is focused on the pandemic and vaccinations. It is worth wondering, on the other hand, if the fact that these crimes are directed mainly against Christians makes many Western media look to other side, amid a wave of growing Christianophobia among certain journalistic environments in Europe and the United States.

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