Eurostat reveals the good progress of those countries with conservative govs.

The economic success of Poland and Hungary: a hard lesson for the European progressive elite

Today Poland and Hungary are two of the most reviled countries in Europe, both by left and right progressives.

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When I speak of a progressive right, I mean one that avoids the battle of ideas against the left and takes refuge in the economy. They affirm that the important thing is that there is employment and wealth, and leaves aside the values. That right has given up on offering an alternative discourse to the left on issues such as abortion, gender ideology, defense of the family, illegal immigration, multiculturalism, political correctness and environmental scaremongering, and the excuse it makes for This is because what is really important is prosperity. The message it seems to convey is that we must be concerned with creating wealth and employment and leaving the monopoly on ideological and moral issues to the left.

Poland is the EU country with the lowest unemployment rate: 3.2%

Today Eurostat has published the European unemployment rate for January 2021: 8.1%. The data by country can be consulted by clicking here (PDF). There is a very striking fact, and that is that Poland is the country with the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union: 3.2%. Hungary has an unemployment rate of 4.9%, being the sixth country in Europe with the lowest unemployment rate. On the opposite side of the list, the disaster is headed by Spain with 16% unemployment.

Data on female unemployment in Poland and Hungary

Following the Eurostat data, Poland is also the EU country with the lowest female unemployment rate: 2.9% (it is, in fact, lower than its male unemployment rate, which is 3.3%). In Hungary, female unemployment is 5.2%, being the fifth country with the lowest unemployment among women in the EU, together with Belgium. In feminist Spain with a socialist and communist government, the female unemployment rate is 18.1%, the highest in the EU and 4 points above the male unemployment rate. But do not worry, because in Spain we have a Ministry of Equality that costs us 451 million euro a year and that is dedicated to things that it considers "urgent" such as analyzing the colors of toys to free girls from the pink color imposed by the evil oppressive patriarchy.

Spain's youth unemployment rate exceeds that of Hungary and Poland combined

Regarding youth unemployment, the figures for Poland and Hungary are more modest: 14.3% and 15.3%, respectively. However, both countries are below the European average for youth unemployment, which is 17.1%. At the opposite extreme is the socialist and communist utopia of the EU: 39.9% youth unemployment in Spain, that is, more than Poland and Hungary combined. Even without young Poles and Hungarians being the most likely to find work in Europe, young Spaniards can only dream of such figures.

Brussels' progressive elite have reason to be furious

The success of Hungary and Poland is a hard lesson for Europe's progressive elite. Brussels has been demonizing the governments of those two countries for years, presenting them as something akin to dictatorships for the mere fact that both Viktor Orbán and Mateusz Morawiecki are upholding values that are a direct response to progressive ideological dogmas. Few European governments achieve the backing of the Fidesz party in Hungary and the Prawo i Sprawiedliwość party (Vox partner) in Poland at the polls, which shows that their citizens are remarkably satisfied with their rulers, something that cannot be said of Spain.

In no other case has Brussels devoted so much effort to invade the national sovereignty of its member countries as it has done to Hungary and Poland. And now it turns out that in addition to continuing to defend their independence with pride, they do so with clear economic success. The Brussels elite have reasons to be furious. The economic success of these two countries shows that it is not only legitimate to go against the dogmas of the left, but that it is also possible to do that without giving up economic prosperity, with which, in addition, the great mantra of the progressive right come down: the idea of concentrating on the economy and giving up arguing with the left. In short: another Europe is possible, more respectful of prenatal life and family, lover of its Homeland and defender of its Christian roots.

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