Socialists, communists and greens align once again with a dictatorship

The European left refuses to sign a petition to end the dictatorship in Cuba

While trying to lecture on "European values" to democratic countries like Hungary and Poland, the left is once again aligning itself with a dictatorship.

Socialists and communists vote against a condemnation of political persecution in Cuba
Historic demonstrations in Cuba against the communist dictatorship and asking for Freedom

The statement calls for "the end of more than sixty years of dictatorship in the island"

Today representatives of four groups of the European Parliament (the European People's Party, the Group of Conservatives and Reformists, Renew Europe and Identity and Democracy) have signed a joint statement in which they express their concern about "the violent response of the Cuban regime to the peaceful demonstrations" of recent days and demand "the end of more than sixty years of dictatorship in the island." The statement states that "Cuba, one of the most prosperous countries in America sixty years ago, today is a bankrupt state, with most of population living in absolute poverty due to the undemocratic and corrupt communist rule."

They ask the European Union to "reconsider its position on Cuba"

The declaration condemns the violent repression of the communist regime and "expresses its support and commitment to the Cuban people as well as freedom and democracy in Cuba and in all countries of Latin American, which today are under growing threat from movements that do not respect the rule of law." The text also calls on the European Union to "reconsider its position on Cuba and start working firmly and with perseverance towards a strong defense of the values of freedom, the rule of law and democracy."

The signatories of the declaration recall the condemnation approved by the European Parliament in September 2019 of the crimes of communism and Nazism. In addition, they demand the "immediate release" of the correspondent for the newspaper Abc Camila Acosta, detained by the dictatorship, and to "cease all violence, persecution, harassment, arbitrary detentions and continued attacks against peaceful demonstrators." They also call on the European Union to "strongly condemn this latest wave of repressions by the Cuban authorities against the largest demonstration of the civilian population in the last 30 years."

Socialists, communists and greens align themselves once again with the dictatorship

As has happened on other times, the group of Socialists and Democrats (S&D), of which the PSOE is a part, as well as the European United Left-Nordic Green Left (GUE-NGL), which encompasses various communist formations, including Podemos, Izquierda Unida and EH Bildu, and The Green -European Free Alliance (GRE/EFA), of which the ERC separatists are part, have unmarked themselves from the text. Let us remember that these groups voted a month ago against a European condemnation of the repression in Cuba. Today, once again, they align themselves with the dictatorship.

Vox MEP Hermann Tertsch, attached to the Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group, one of the signatories of the declaration, has stated: "The socialists have remained with the exposed communists as accomplices of the communist dictatorship of Cuba that is murdering his people. No more no less. The left has definitely lost its moral compass."

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