The burqa and the abortion debate expose their false discourse

Leftist feminism makes clear its betrayal of women in the US and Afghanistan

The idea that leftist feminism defends women is just as absurd as the idea that the left defends the workers and the poor.

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The feminist reaction to seeing three women in prison for rejecting the Islamic veil in Iran

If history shows anything, it is that socialism and communism have been true champions when it comes to generating misery, especially among the less well-off. There are examples like Cuba and Venezuela, but also the old communist dictatorships in Europe, where that despicable ideology not only kept millions of people in poverty, but also trampled on their freedoms for decades.

The pioneers of feminism rejected abortion with these arguments

The same thing happens with leftist feminism. The pioneers of feminism sought equality before the law and equal opportunities, something that women already achieved years ago in Western democracies. In addition, the pioneers of feminism rejected abortion, and they did so with the same arguments with which they rejected discrimination against women.

"When we consider that women are treated as property, it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit," said Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902), one of the pioneers of the feminist movement in USA. "Abortion is the last thing to illegitimately abuse women, abortion is raping you to the core," said Alice Paul (1885-1977), who led the campaign that led to the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, which gave the right to vote for women.

Abortion: the left calls the murder of millions of girls 'feminism'

Just as the left had used the workers to catapult themselves to power and then plunge them into misery and oppression, leftist feminism transferred the Marxist thesis of class struggle to the sexes, confronting men and women, presenting them as oppressors and oppressed, respectively. It was the same deceptive dialectic that communism used to deceive millions of workers. In the case of women, the left did the most despicable thing: deceive many women to convince them that getting rid of their unborn children is a form of liberation, and then ignore them when the pain of doing something so inhuman accompanies them during the rest of their lives.

On the issue of abortion, leftist feminism has had the tremendous cynicism of presenting the murder of millions of unborn girls as a "woman's right." Keep in mind that about half of newborns are girls. To give us an idea, in the United States, with more than 63 million abortions from 1973 to today, more than 31.5 million girls have been murdered before birth in the name of feminism.

The clamor of the left against a sentence that protects the weakest

Last Tuesday, May 3, after a media leaked the draft of the Supreme Court ruling to reverse the absurd ruling that legalized abortion in the US (whose text rejected, in absolute disregard for scientific evidence, the "that life, as we recognize it, begins before live birth", as if human life began as if by magic at the moment of childbirth), the Spanish communist minister Irene Montero described the sentence as "intolerable" and described the act of killing unborn children as a "right of women to decide on our own body", assuming the also anti-scientific thesis that an unborn baby is part of the mother's body, something comparable to a nail or a kidney.

In turn, the far-left party Podemos, to which Irene Montero belongs, published a message protesting against that ruling from another country, stating that "it makes women risk our health and lives," ignoring to those 31.5 million unborn girls murdered in the name of feminism in the US and the more of one million unborn girls murdered in Spain since 1985 (the date on which the massacre of 2.5 million unborn boys and girls in our country began).

It must be remembered that lying is not something new in the history of the left: those who now call this slaughter of unborn girls "feminism" years ago called "democratic Germany" to a communist dictatorship that was a veritable prison for its population.

The scandalous silence of the left before the imposition of the burqa in Afghanistan

Similarly, the left, which believes that Western women are oppressed by capitalism, shows a scandalous indifference to the real discrimination experienced by women in Islamic countries. Last summer, when the embarrassing evacuation from Afghanistan took place, the Western far-left launched to whitewash the Taliban, equating them with Western conservatives. Irene Montero launched herself into criticizing the military intervention that for 20 years protected Afghan women from the abuses of Islamic fundamentalists, but she did not criticize the Taliban, determined to make Western women believe that their situation is comparable to that of the Afghan women.

Well, yesterday the Taliban re-imposed the burqa, or full Islamic headscarf, on Afghan women and girls. They are the same Taliban that the ultra-left whitewashed last year with total impudence. Well, those who rushed to criticize the US Supreme Court last Tuesday for protecting unborn children, fell silent yesterday. Minister Irene Montero has yet to post a measly tweet in support of Afghan women and girls. Podemos, neither. In the case of Afghanistan, as in the case of abortion, leftist feminism does not defend women: it betrays them.


Photo: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images.

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