The clear messages of the new Prime Minister of Italy on this issue

Giorgia Meloni's position about Russia and the invasion of Ukraine: bad news for Putin

This Sunday, the right won a resounding victory in the Italian general elections, and Giorgia Meloni will be the first woman to govern Italy.

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The question that tests journalistic ethics in relation to Fratelli d’Italia

Some media have already rushed to say all kinds of nonsense about the supposed affinity of the new Italian prime minister with Putin and with Russia: another lie of the many with which certain journalists try to intoxicate the campaigns elections to favor the left. But as is often said, lies have very short legs.

Fratelli d'Italia is the Italian party that has voted the most times against Russia

The truth is that Meloni is the president of Fratelli d'Italia (FDI), a conservative and very Atlanticist party. As I already pointed out on Saturday, FDI belongs to the Group of Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), which is one of the most Atlanticist groups in the European Parliament. In fact, a study published by a European NGO in June revealed that eight ECR parties are the most critical of Russia in their respective countries: Croatia (HS), Latvia (NA), Lithuania (LLRA–KŠS), Poland (PiS), Spain (Vox), Sweden (SD), the Netherlands (SGP) and Italy (FDI).

In the interactive map published with that studio, Fratelli d'Italia appeared as the Italian party that has voted against Russia the most times, while the Italian socialists of the Democratic Party, the big losers in these elections, appeared as the most pro-Russian party. How many media outlets have published that information? Well, very few, as is often the case when the facts contradict the editorial lines of some media outlets.

Messages from Meloni and the FDI showing their support for Ukraine

Following the same line, Giorgia Meloni and the FDI have made clear signs of support for Ukraine since the Russian invasion that began on February 24. We can see some examples below:

"Unacceptable attack by Putin's Russia on Ukraine. Europe falls back into a past that we hoped never to relive. The West and the international community are united to implement all useful measures in support of Kiev and respect for international law."

"Putin's aggression against Ukraine would require a strong and decisive response from the European Union, which once again shows itself to be weak and incapable of defending freedom against abuses."

"This morning I met with the Ukrainian Ambassador to Italy, Yaroslav Melnyk, in Rome. I reiterated the FdI's solidarity with the Ukrainian people, who are teaching the world what it means to fight for freedom, and renewed my hope for an end to hostilities."

"The situation in Ukraine and the courage of those who stayed to defend their land have demolished the myths of the globalist left, which is now finally forced to recognize the value of the homeland and borders."

"Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia. Three right-wing premieres who make a historic gesture of immense courage: traveling by train to Kiev to bring the Ukrainian people closer. If the entire EU had rulers of this type, we would be living in a better and safer Europe."

Reading these messages, it is outrageous that the media is trying to convince people that Meloni and the FDI are pro-Russian and sympathetic to Putin. How long will some media continue throwing their journalistic ethics overboard?


Photo: AFP.

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