Yolanda Díaz is a militant of the Communist Party and praised Fidel Castro

A Spanish vice president who praised a dictator says that Italy is 'worrying'

The electoral victory of the conservative right last Sunday in Italy is causing very cynical tantrums between the left and the extreme left.

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Yolanda Díaz describes the result of the Italian elections as "sad and worrying"

An example of that cynicism we saw yesterday in Spain. Yolanda Díaz, second vice president of the Pedro Sánchez government, posted a comment on her Twitter qualifying as "sad" and "worrying" the result of the elections in Italy, even opposing the idea of a "democratic" Europe to the examples of Poland and Hungary, two democratic countries that have right-wing governments freely elected by their citizens through electoral processes that have rigorously complied with all democratic standards.

A communist militant who in 2016 praised the dictator Fidel Castro

The second vice president of the Spanish government is one of the least suitable people to give lessons on democracy to Italy, Poland or Hungary. Yolanda Díaz is a member of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE), a party with a totalitarian ideology that openly supports dictatorships like Cuba, China, Venezuela and Nicaragua, in which no the most basic freedoms are respected and where the electoral processes -if they exist- are a simple parody of the democracy. In November 2016, Yolanda Díaz demonstrated her idea of ​​democracy posting a message extolling Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Here you can read that message, written in the Galician language:

"Fidel one of the essentials of the SXX. A revolutionary. The peoples walked and will walk with him. Cuba goes! @En_Marea #UntilForeverCommander"

In 2014, Yolanda Díaz posted another message saying that she was on her way to a "tribute" to Hugo Chávez, the tyrant who turned Venezuela into a socialist dictatorship. Here is the message in question, also written in the Galician language:

"On the way to Vigo to honor Hugo Chávez!"

In 2021 Díaz voted against a condemnation of the crimes of communism

Last year, Yolanda Díaz was one of the Spanish deputies who refused to support the European condemnation of the crimes of communism and Nazism, in a vote held in the Spanish Parliament and that should cause shame -if the had - the entire European left. Seeing her totalitarian ideology and the things she writes -in accordance with that ideology-, it is normal that Yolanda Díaz is upset with the victory of the right in Italy.

Italy has freely chosen what communism tried to destroy with violence

Giorgia Meloni and her party, Fratelli d'Italia, defend conservative approaches from a democratic point of view. What it has gained in Italy is what communism tried to destroy through persecution, torture and murder: the defense of liberty, of life and human dignity, of the family, of private property and the Christian roots of Europe. What is sad and worrying is that there is a government in Europe, that of Spain, which has communist ministers, that is, of a totalitarian movement that has established 62 dictatorships and has killed to more than 100 million people.

Poland and Hungary managed to free themselves from the yoke of this totalitarian movement after suffering communist dictatorships imposed by Stalin from 1945 to 1989. Italy has avoided being subjected to him despite all the wave of terrorism by the Red Brigades. In Spain the communists have come to power without ever having won an election, simply because the socialists sought their support. And these totalitarians still have the impudence to give lessons in democracy.


Photo: Europa Press.

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