Some abortion advocates have already taken steps in favor of infanticide

The case of the murder of seven newborns and the uncomfortable questions about abortion

In the United Kingsom, a nurse is on trial, accused for committing seven monstrous crimes: the murders of seven newborns.

Infamy of pro-abortion groups: they support a mother who beheaded her newborn daughter
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She murdered seven newborns and tried to kill another ten

According to Liverpool Echo, the defendant, Lucy Letby, faces seven counts of murder and fifteen counts of attempted murder, since in addition to the seven babies she managed to kill, she also tried to kill others ten babies, in one case up to three times. Most of the crimes she committed by poisoning. The nurse wrote a note stating that "I killed them on purpose". Obviously, the case has caused a stir in the United Kingdom, since it is a horrible crime against defenseless children.

Some Internet users point out the paradoxes of this case

Some uncomfortable questions have been raised on social media about the case. A young man wrote a few days ago: "The Lucy Letby story is the epitome of evil. Yet, we must ask ourselves why people who have killed double or triple this amount of children in abortions do not face the same fate?" The young man added: "Some of the children in her neonatal ward would have been legally disposable under UK abortion law." Along the same lines, a Twitter user commented a few days ago: "If Lucy Letby had trained as an abortionist, she could have been paid for killing babies rather than arrested."

What science says about the beginning of human life

Some will believe it is exaggerated and unfair to compare infanticide with abortion, but it is not. An unborn baby is the same human being as when it is newborn. Childbirth does not cause any substantial change in its nature. Science shows that the genetic identity of a human being is acquired at the very moment of conception, and that is where the beginning of life is located in scientific terms. In any case, the biggest difference between an abortion and an infanticide is that in most cases, the abortion is carried out with the permission of the victim's mother, while an infanticide does not. can commit any with access to the victim. In both cases we are dealing with the act of killing an innocent and defenseless human being and especially vulnerable.

Some abortion advocates have already taken steps in favor of infanticide

In fact, some abortion advocates are already taking the next step. In 2019, the Democratic Party, a proponent of prenatal murder in the US, blocked a federal law against infanticide who aspired to protect the lives of babies who survive abortion. A few days earlier, a governor of the Democratic Party provoked a controversy by defending infanticide in cases such as those indicated. That same year, the Democratic Party approved a law in New York that allows abortions up to the moment of birth. What is the difference between this atrocity and the murder of a newborn?

In case there were any doubts, in July of this year, in El Salvador, pro-abortion groups have supported a mother accused of slitting the throat of her newborn daughter, disguising the crime as a "obstetric emergency". The media in several countries disguised this case as an "abortion" to support the infanticidal mother. It is increasingly clear the predisposition of some pro-abortion activists to also accept the infanticide of newborns using the same lies and fallacies that they have been using to defend that it is legal to kill an unborn baby.

The social acceptance of abortion brings us closer to the acceptance of infanticide

After all, when they call an abortion "right" or "choice", what they defend is that a human being decides on the life of another, without their consent. No unborn baby is asked if he wishes to be killed. Some will argue that victims are not in a position to answer that question: are newborns? If the inability to speak to ask not to be killed justifies murder, how far will pro-abortion activists go? Will they suggest that it be legal to kill every baby already born until it is able to speak and understand the questions that are asked?

This is not an exaggerated or preposterous question. What is preposterous is that our society has meekly accepted an atrocity such as the act of killing an unborn son or daughter. That places us, morally, on a par with the societies that tolerated and still tolerate today slavery. Once that savagery is accepted, newborn infanticide is a little closer to finally receiving the same acceptance. It will be enough for pro-abortion activists to decide to take their lies beyond childbirth as they have already done in the US and El Salvador.


Photo: Christian Bowen / Unsplash.

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