The agency is controlled by the socialist government of Pedro Sánchez

The Efe agency now says that a socialist arrested for corruption is "right-wing"

The capacity of manipulation of the media controlled by the Spanish government of Pedro Sánchez has been made evident today, once again, with the Efe agency.

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This agency, founded during the Franco regime, is currently attached to the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales, an entity controlled by the Spanish government. A government in the hands of a coalition of socialists (PSOE) and communists (Podemos). Government influence on the news from that agency is constant, but today it has broken all records for exhibitionism.

Efe says that Eva Kaili is "a right-wing social democrat"

In a piece of news published this morning, Efe has said that Eva Kaili, socialist vice-president of the European Parliament arrested for collecting bribes from Qatar -a scandal that has spilled over to other socialist officials-, is "a right-wing social democrat". It has pointed this out in a message posted on its Twitter account:

The detainee was a member of a party that is a member of the Socialist International chaired by Sánchez

The news linked in that tweet acknowledges that Kaili has been a member of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) since she was young, a party that is part of the Socialist International, an organization recently chaired by Pedro Sánchez. The qualification "right-wing" is justified by Efe by the mere fact that Kaili "has repeatedly expressed positions that are closer to that of the New Democracy conservatives." The manipulation of the Efe news agency coincides with the slogan launched by PASOK to dissociate itself from Kaili, affirming that she is a "trojan horse of the conservatives".

Previous attempts by the left to disassociate itself from its criminals

It is not the first time that the left resorts to this type of manipulation to distance itself from scandals related to leftist politicians. Just a few days ago, after the coup d'état by the communist Pedro Castillo in Peru, the Spanish communists of Podemos linked him to the "far-right". It so happened that a year ago, on the occasion of his coming to power, three Podemos ministers publicly supported Castillo, to whom they shared a clear ideological affinity. At the same time, Juan Carlos Monedero, one of the ideologues of Podemos, denied that Castillo had committed a coup d'état, stating that no one was shot, detained in a stadium, disappeared or buried in ditches. A clumsy definition that would also exclude the coup perpetrated on February 23, 1981 in Spain from the status of coup.

In July 2022, when the conviction for corruption of two Spanish socialist leaders was announced, Manuel Chaves and José Antonio Griñán, left-wing media made an effort to hide their socialist militancy, despite having been two prominent leaders of the PSOE (both were national presidents of that party and presidents of the government of Andalusia). As it happens, one of the media outlets that participated in this concealment was the Efe news agency.

Likewise, the current Minister of Consumption of Spain, the communist Alberto Garzón, said in 2015 that "a criminal cannot be from the left", a statement that contrasts with corruption cases that they have plagued socialist leaders in Spain for years and also the far-left militancy of terrorist groups such as ETA, the GRAPO, the German RAF, the Italian Red Brigades and other terrorist gangs, as well as crimes of genocide committed by communists around the world. Some crimes that the Spanish left refused to condemn last year in a controversial vote in which Garzón was one of the deputies who voted against that condemnation.

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