It attacked an apartment building with a missile designed to destroy carriers

Dnipro: the images of the Russian terrorism against the civilian population of Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has become a constant display of sadism and terrorism by the criminal dictatorship of Vladimir Putin.

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This Saturday afternoon, Russia carried out its tenth massive missile attack against the civilian population of Ukraine, developing a terror strategy that seems to be copied from that carried out by Adolf Hitler in World War II with V1 and V2. Russia has been developing this murderous strategy especially since October 10, as a criminal response against the successful Ukrainian counteroffensive launched last summer. In yesterday's attack, explosions were reported in ten regions of Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkiv, Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil, Dnipropetrovsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Mykolaiv and Odessa.

In this attack, Russia launched an old Raduga Kh-22 anti-ship missile, designed to attack aircraft carriers, at a residential building in Dnipro, the fourth most populous city in Ukraine. The missile launched against that building was like the one you can see on these lines. The missile carries a 1,000kg RDX explosive warhead and was designed to be launched from Tu-22M Backfire bombers.

This is how the Kh-22 missile left the apartment building it hit.

According to the latest data published a few minutes ago, this Russian attack has murdered 20 people, including a 15-year-old girl, and injured 73 people, including 14 children. A total of 72 apartments they have been totally destroyed and another 230 have been damaged.

Yesterday afternoon, a Ukrainian soldier commented on this photo with these words: "Dnipro. My parents’ city block. They are still in shock, had to take clinical sedatives. What a fucking world is watching THIS be happening and still hesitate to help to stop this barbarism?"

A woman praying last night in front of the destroyed building. Rescue teams have spent the whole night looking for people among the rubble of the building.

This 23-year-old woman was miraculously saved by being in the bathroom. In September, she lost her loved one in the war. She now she too has lost her home. Her parents are under the rubble of the building.

A photo showing the condition of the 23-year-old woman's apartment.

The moment the firefighters managed to rescue this woman.

The Russian missile split the apartment block in two, destroying its entire central part.

The 1,000-kilo explosive warhead of the Russian missile destroyed the building in this way. Putin uses his weapons for this: to destroy civilian buildings.

A baby carriage among the remains of the destroyed building. And there are still scoundrels who continue to justify this and support Putin, as if the Ukrainians were the bad guys for not letting them invade their country.

The nightly rescue tasks in the attacked building.

Once again, the work of the firefighters and other rescue services is admirable, who have to work in very difficult conditions to save lives.

A rescue service dog. What will it think when it sees all this?

An image posted last night by Ukrainian artist Mariia Loniuk, in tribute to the victims of this terrorist attack.

I hope much of the world will stop looking the other way and dedicate itself to helping Ukraine win this war. Ukraine did not start it: it was attacked by Russia and Ukrainians have the right to defend themselves, and to do so they need more and more modern material, including fighters and long-range missiles. Anyone who wants to boast of being a pacifist should offer their home to be invaded by Russia and stop pretending that others will give up defending their Homeland.


Photos: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine / Hromadske / Anton Gerashchenko / Sergiy Kyslytsya / Iuliia Mendel / Telegram @dnepr_operativ.

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