A reflection full of gratitude from a Vox voter since its foundation

Nine years of Vox: in Spain it is over for the left-wing to close debates

On this day, nine years ago, the presentation ceremony of a new political party in Spain was held: Vox, an option that came to fill a great void.

A year ago many of us had no voice in the institutions: today Vox is the third force
Spanish party Vox joins the Group of European Conservatives and Reformists with Polish PiS

This vacuum was not only political (many right-wing voters had been orphaned electorally speaking, due to the lukewarmness of the Popular Party), but also ideological. In a Spain with a hegemonic left in the media and in the intellectual and academic fields, many debates had been artificially closed: abortion, defense of the family, immigration, feminism (or rather, the parody of it that the left has made) and even issues such as the free choice of language.

The Popular Party had abandoned the battle of ideas against the left to take refuge in a discourse focused on cold accounting, and the left had taken this capitulation as a prohibition of the right to disagree against to progressive dogmas. Formally, we were still a democracy, but opening those debates closed by the left meant risking being singled out, losing your job and even suffering an attack. In this way , the PP had not only given the keys to the political debate to the left, but also to our democracy and our freedoms.

On the eve of that presentation, in the first article I dedicated to the new party, I said that Vox was a reason for hope for those of us who had lost our voice in the institutions. I stand by what I said in that entry, and add: in these nine years that I have been supporting Vox, I never imagined that I would feel so proud to vote for a political party. I say this, to a large extent, due to the firmness of its leaders, who defend our values without complexes in the institutions, and also for their courage in the face of hatred and violence from the left, having had to face many attacks instigated from the political and media left, which has lied, defamed, slandered and demonized this party to criminal extremes.

When Vox was born, many of us were satisfied that only one representative could win. It seemed difficult and it took several years to achieve it. Today, Vox has 52 deputies, is the third party with the most votes in Spain, has representatives in many institutions and is part of a regional government , that of Castile and León, in which he is making an excellent work in defense of life. From what the polls show, Vox already has a consolidated electorate, which knows that its party fulfills its commitments. But without a doubt one of the great achievements of Vox, and the one that some fans hate the most, is that thanks to that party in Spain, the left ended closing debates. Vox is waging the battle of ideas where the PP deserted, and it is doing so with admirable courage and clarity.

As a Vox voter since its inception, I sincerely appreciate the work they are doing. Thanks to Vox, I have finally been able to feel what it is like to vote for a party that defends in the institutions the same as when it asks for your vote at a rally. Vox has become something much better than I expected in 2014, when it appeared, and I know that this is due to the silent work of the good people who serve in its ranks, from its president and his deputies to their affiliates on foot. I am hopeful that Spain will emerge from the hole into which the left has put it, and it will do so, to a large extent, thanks to Vox. For my part, I will continue to support that party, as voter and as a blogger, as long as he remains faithful to his principles, something in which he has never failed. Happy birthday, Vox!


Photo: Vox.

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