The Spanish left does not tolerate scientific information on abortion

They call it 'feminism': 4 months of discounts for rapists and 3 days to ban ultrasounds

What the left is doing in Spain is a grotesque portrayal of what socialists and communists cynically call "feminism."

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There are already 181 rapists and pedophiles benefited by the Sánchez government

At the beginning of September the new "law of sexual freedom", with reductions in sentences for rapists and pedophiles, in what some have described as a botch of the government of Pedro Sánchez for ignore the warnings of the Judiciary about what would happen with that law. It is worth wondering if that was a simple botch, because in 1995 the socialists of the PSOE already considerably lowered the sentences for rapists and pedophiles: some rapes went from up to 20 years in prison to half.

The government has spent 4 months without doing anything about these reductions in sentences for rapists

The consequences have been those warned by the Judiciary: last Friday there were already 181 convicted of sexual assault benefited from reduced sentences, 18 of them released. This constant trickle of decreases in the sentences of rapists and pedophiles is causing a scandal in Spain and great alarm among the victims. The government went from upholding the law, coming to say that his intention was good (the left always wants to be judged for its beautiful intentions, and not for its regrettable acts), to introduce a ridiculous retouching of the law in December, limiting itself to modifying its preamble, which has no regulatory force. This is directly like doing nothing. And so 4 months have passed, which leads to wondering if this was a simple mistake or something intentional.

In just 3 days he wanted to ban scientific information on abortion from being given

Things change if instead of lowering the sentences for rapists and pedophiles we talk about one of the greatest ideological obsessions of the left: abortion. On Thursday, the regional government of Castilla y León, at the initiative of the conservative Vox party, presented a successful pro-life initiative to offer 4D ultrasound scans and the possibility of listening to the heartbeat de their unborn sons and daughters to those pregnant mothers who request it. These are totally voluntary benefits for mothers, but they have provoked the anger of the left, because that dismantles its anti-scientific discourse on abortion, based on lies such as saying that unborn children are not human beings or even living beings, and that abortion is not ending a human life.

The reason for such a rush: this scientific information shows that the left-wing is lying

A 4D ultrasound and the sound of the fetal heartbeat are irrefutable scientific proof that the left is lying, so the government has launched to ban them in record time. It did so just 3 days after the Castilla y León pro-life initiative was announced, with a requirement published on a Sunday afternoon (a holiday, that is, they had to put officials to work on a day off to publish it). In addition, the requirement does not explain how it can be legally objectionable for a regional government to offer 4D ultrasound scans or listen to the fetal heartbeat to those mothers who so wish. There is no law that prohibits it, and as much as the left-wing insists, its whims are not above the law.

The consequences of having bad people in a government

Let's look at the difference: when it comes to correcting an alleged legal botch that has already benefited 181 rapists and pedophiles, the government does nothing for 4 months and even makes jokes with it, as the Secretary of State for Equality did a few days ago, provoking outrage throughout Spain, especially among the victims. But to prohibit the provision of scientific information to women about abortion, then comes the rush.

In Spain we have a government that combines total shamelessness with its most harmful measures, such as the reduction in sentences for rapists, with perverse ideological fanaticism on a topic that affects the lives of the weakest and most defenseless members of the human species. And they call this "feminism": to lower the sentences for rapists and to kill tens of thousands of unborn girls every year (because approximately half of the unborn children who are aborted in Spain they are female, no matter how hard abortion promoters try to hide it). It must be said now: they are bad people doing all the evil they can carry out. They have no other explanation.


Photo: Europa Press.

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