Infringing the right to life also threatens other human rights

Fines and arrests for praying in silence: the slippery and totalitarian slope of abortion

Some do not want to talk about abortion, but it is the great debate of our time, because this crime is burning human rights.

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The slippery slope that begins with the legalization of abortion

When the idea that it is legal to kill certain human beings because they are in the way is admitted -because without the disguise of their euphemisms, pro-abortion theses are reduced to that-, then all other human rights they are automatically threatened. Because if it is considered legitimate to violate the most basic and sacred human rights of innocent and defenseless human beings, killing and dismembering them in their prenatal stage, what will they not be able to do with the other fundamental rights? Violating the right to life pushed our society down a slippery slope whose consequences we are beginning to see on our freedoms.

The attacks against fundamental rights that are being committed for the sake of abortion

It is enough to review the events that have happened in recent years to see how abortion is becoming a destroyer of human rights, even of those who theoretically are not directly affected by the fact of killing an unborn child. Let's review some examples:

If it's legal to kill an innocent, then anything can happen

In the end, what some of us feared is confirmed. If it is legal to kill an innocent and defenseless human being, then anything can happen, from censoring those who speak out against the crime to fining and arresting those who simply pray silently for abortion victims. It is alarming that this happens in countries that call themselves democratic, but it is even more alarming to see the scant impact these abuses have. It is alarming, but it was also foreseeable. When unscrupulous politicians manage to fool and convince millions of people that it is okay to kill an innocent and defenseless human being, convincing people that persecuting certain people for disagreeing, praying or even thinking is even worse. easy.

The fragility of our democracies when moral values are uprooted

This should lead us to reflect on how fragile democracy is when it is devoid of moral values such as those that support the very existence of human rights. If human rights have flourished and taken root in the West, it is not something the result of chance, since it is here where there was a Christian substrate on which the idea that every human being, by the mere fact of being human, could take root, possesses a dignity that must be protected, the idea that it is wrong to kill innocent and defenseless human beings, the idea that no one is less worth living because they are unwanted.

The legalization of abortion was preceded by a campaign to erode the Christian roots of our society, and in doing so, one of the fruits that grew from those roots has been left unprotected: human rights. According to the moral relativism that claims to take the place of our Christian roots,there are no absolute truths and everything is debatable, including human rights. Moral relativism has opened the door to a new form of totalitarianism that has the great cynicism of disguising its abuses as "new rights", using them to replace and undermine authentic human rights. We are only beginning to see the result: we still have time to react.


Photo: ADF.UK. Adam Smith-Connor fined in the UK for silently praying near an abortion facility.

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