They openly display the hatred of which they are always accusing others

The infamous reaction of trans activists to the murder of six Christians in Nashville

The murder of six Christians, including three children, by a trans woman in the US has given rise to an unusual and infamous reaction.

A trans woman murders six Christians and the taboo on Christianophobia is still maintained
LGBT extremists threaten to burn down a bookstore and the people who were inside

Faced with a crime as horrendous as that, it would have been desirable for the transgender activists to call for tolerance among their followers, given that the displays of violence among them have already reached the extreme of committing six murders in an assault against a Christian school in Nashville. Unfortunately it has not been so. These activists are used to considering themselves the victims in any situation and have not wanted to put that discourse aside even before the victims of Monday's deadly attack were buried.

A trans group blames the attack on religious institutions

The Daily Caller reported yesterday that a group of trans activists have blamed this attack on the right and religious institutions. The aforementioned group, called the "Trans Resistance Network" (TRN), has stated the following: "life for transgender people is very difficult, and made difficult in the preceding months by a virtual avalanche of anti-trans legislation, and public call outs by Right Wing personalities and political figures for nothing less than the genocidal eradication of trans people from society. Many transgender people deal with anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, and PTSD from the constant drum beat of anti-trans hate, lack of acceptance from family members and certain religious institutions."

In addition, TRN has also criticized the media for using incorrect pronouns to refer to the trans woman perpetrator of the crime. This group also considers that there have been two tragedies in this attack: that of the murderer and that of those murdered, and accuses the right-wing of using this crime to promote "fear and terror" to transsexual people. Faced with the avalanche of criticism that its infamous statement has provoked, the TRN has made its Twitter account private to prevent the reading of that writing and avoid criticism.

Trans activists slander the attacked school

As if the disgusting statement from the TRN was not enough, yesterday's Daily Mail reporting on the reaction of two other trans activists: Eli Erlick and Veronica Ripley. Erlick, without providing any evidence and in an abominable attempt to criminalize the victims, has accused the attacked school of abusing the perpetrator of the crime.

In turn, Ripley has lashed out at religious schools: "A lot of things need to happen in the wake of this terrible Nashville tragedy, but certainly the conservative love affair with radical unregulated religious 'schools' should come to an end." Ripley has also commented on the attack in these words: "They try destroying public schools any chance they get, but here we are."

The fanaticism and hatred exhibited by certain LGBT groups

Imagine for a moment what would have happened if, after the 2016 Orlando Islamist attack on a gay club, there was an Islamic imam who blamed homosexuals and the left for what happened. It would be something scandalous, logically. Well, this is what is happening with crime in Nashville: a trans woman attacks a religious school and murders six Christians, and trans activists blame religious schools. It's an infamy. Will the next thing be to blame the victims for getting into the killer's shooting angle?

I think it is time to say that certain LGBT groups are displaying a fanaticism typical of totalitarianism, showing off and in large doses of the same hatred of which they always accuse others. In Spain we have seen things like LGBT extremists threatening to burn down a bookstore with people inside because a book critical of gender ideology was being presented there, and even mafia threats by LGBT groups against teachers who disagree with their ideological theses in college. From a certain part of the LGBT world, violence is being flirted with, and some no longer even lower their level of fanaticism in the face of the murder of 9-year-old Christian children.


Photo: Reuters. Children from the attacked Christian school in Nashville leaving mementos in memory of the three children and three adults killed by a trans woman.

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